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Meningitis Immunization Requirement Questions  

NTCC has received numerous questions from students asking about the new state law requiring meningitis immunization for college admission. Find quick answers below to common questions about the new requirement. For more detailed information, see the NTCC Bacterial Meningitis Information Page.

What is the requirement?
Under Senate Bill 1107, the State of Texas now requires all students under age 30 who are new to college, or returning after a leave of one full semester, to either:
  • Receive a vaccination against bacterial meningitis.
  • Decline the immunization at least 10 days before attending class.

Who is affected by the law?
  • Students under age 30 who are new to NTCC, or returning to NTCC after a leave of one full semester.
  • Students transferring to NTCC from another college.

Who is exempt from the law?
  • Students who are age 30 or older by the first class day they intend to enroll.
  • Students who are under age 30 and attended NTCC in fall 2011.

I withdrew from my fall 2011 class. Am I still exempt?

You are considered a current student and exempt from the law if you were enrolled in your class on the official reporting date (Sept. 7 for 16-week classes in fall 2011).

I only take online courses – does this requirement affect me?

No. NTCC’s online classes are separate from in-class instruction; so online-only students are not affected by this law.

I am uninsured or underinsured – where can I get the shot?

County Health Departments will provide affordable vaccinations to uninsured and underinsured students. Find a listing of these locations on the NTCC Bacterial Meningitis Information Page.

Can I decline the vaccination?

Yes. Students may decline the vaccination for medical or conscientious reasons. You must provide official documents in order to decline the vaccination. For more information about how to decline the vaccination, visit the NTCC Bacterial Meningitis Information Page.

How do I submit my meningitis information?

All documents should be mailed, faxed, emailed or hand-delivered to the Registrar's Office.

Northeast Texas Community College, Attn: Registrar’s Office, PO Box 1307, Mount Pleasant, TX 75456
Fax: (903)572-6712
E-mail: bgooding@ntcc.edu

Hand Delivery:

Administration Building, Registrar’s Office, 2886 FM 1735, Chapel Hill Rd, Mount Pleasant, TX.

Admissions is located in the Student Services Building on the NTCC main campus.
For More Information Contact:
Melissa Harrison
Director of Admissions/Recruiting

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday : 8am - 6pm
Friday : 8 am - Noon
Saturday & Sunday : Closed

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