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The Special Populations Coordinator at NTCC serves as a liaison between the students with disabilities and faculty and staff.  All assistance and reasonable accommodations are guided by the Policies and Procedures found within the NTCC Special Populations website and are implemented by the Special Populations Coordinator.  It is the intent of the Coordinator to work with students, faculty, and staff to provide appropriate support for students as they strive toward achieving their academic goals.

The Office of Special Populations is located within the Student Services Center (formerly the Administration Building)


Office of Special Populations

Shannin Garrett
903-434-8218 ~ sgarrett@ntcc.edu 
Hours: M-th 8am - 6pm ~ F 8am-12pm 



          The Special Populations Coordinator receives and retains all inquiries and requests for accommodations and the required documentation.  All documents become property of Northeast Texas Community College and will not be shared with other institutions, even if requested by the student.  It will be the student's responsibility to obtain new documentation for services provided by any other agencies or institutions.

          Requests for accommodations and the related documentation will be kept in the Office of Special Populations for a minimum of six months after the student's last semester enrolled.

          Access to information regarding student requests for accommodations is on a "need to know" basis consistent with the requirements of HIPAA and FERPA.  To preserve student confidentiality, all information regarding requests for or delivery of reasonable accommodations is housed in the Office of Special Populations and access is restricted to staff supporting NTCC's disability services processes.

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This page last updated by S. Garrett on 05/23/2017

Northeast Texas Community College is an equal opportunity, affirmative action, ADA institution.

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Northeast Texas Community College is an equal opportunity, affirmative action, ADA institution.
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