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Community Dental Services


Thank you for considering the Northeast Texas Community College Dental Hygiene program as a possible choice in meeting your oral healthcare provider needs. The NTCC Dental Hygiene Clinic is a nonprofit entity that provides preventive dental hygiene services to the public which includes dental screenings, x-rays, teeth cleanings, fluoride applications, oral health education, and sealants. A flat nominal fee is charged to cover the costs of the necessary supplies used to provide care to our patients. All scheduling clients are responsible for payment in advance.


The NTCC Dental Hygiene program employs two supervising dentists, Dr. Kathy D. Russell and Dr. Adriane Lippian, to oversee our patient care. All care is provided by dental hygiene students and under the supervision of licensed Texas dental hygiene faculty. Our patient care focuses upon excellence in dental hygiene education, practice, and achieving the highest standards of care set by the dental community.


All persons are welcome to make appointments by calling 903-434-8350; treatment and scheduling is provided according to the dental community standard of care and the education needs of our students.


While we appreciate your participation as a patient of the NTCC Dental Hygiene program, patients should also be aware that the process of care is provided by students in an education setting. Care is delivered at a slower pace than that found in private practice. Appointments are scheduled in 3.5 hour increments; care is provided as expediently as the education process permits and the assessment process determines. Since all procedures are evaluated in a variety of ways, the process requires a greater amount of time than a standard dental appointment in a private office. The education process is prioritized over expediency; and patients are expected to respect this process. The reduced fee is the mechanism by which patients are reimbursed for the time involved the process. Continued dental preventive care for patients in our NTCC dental hygiene clinic is determined by cooperation with this process and at the discretion of the program director.


All patients are required to complete the NTCC Dental Hygiene Program forms found at the links below. Once an appointment has been scheduled, please download and complete the forms found at the links below. Please bring your completed forms to your first visit.

Patient Registration Packet


Patient healthcare needs cannot be standardized. As a provider of long term continuing care for the patients who utilize our clinic as a primary dental healthcare provider, please be aware that the frequency of your maintenance appointment varies according to your individual assessment. Some patients will be well served by a maintenance program requiring biannual maintenance, whereas other patients will require greater frequency of maintenance appointment intervals. The structure of our dental hygiene program will not meet the requirement all maintenance frequencies. The use of other oral healthcare facilities may be required to comprehensively address your oral healthcare needs. Oral healthcare needs are determined on an individualized assessment basis.


The NTCC Dental Hygiene program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). The commission is a specialized accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education. A copy of the accreditation standards and the commission's policy on third party comments are available for review on our NTCC DH program web page - Accreditation.


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Northeast Texas Community College is an equal opportunity, affirmative action, ADA institution.
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