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Leadership Mini Courses  

Northeast Texas Community College presents a series of 7 mini classes on current leadership topics. Classes are offered periodically. Check the Continuing Education Schedule for dates, times location, and course pricing.
Building High Performance Teams 
Leaders may set a vision, but it is the team that gets the job done.  Great, high-performing teams are the result of a leader’s significant investment in the team members.  This class will help you learn how to build a team that accomplishes its shared objectives and is willing to hold members accountable for the team’s performance.  Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, will be the resource for this class.  Tuition: $50 (includes book)

Managing Performance in the Workplace 
Leaders must possess good people management and motivational skills to succeed.  The key to building a superior organization is the on-going ability to recruit and retain superior personnel.  This class will help you learn the skills necessary to hire the right individuals, motivate them to excel, accurately measure their performance, promote them appropriately and, if necessary, say good-bye to them properly.  We will use the book, Topgrading by Bradford Smart as our reference text. Tuition: $50 (includes book)

Developing Your Personal Growth Plan
Do you have a personal growth plan?  If not, you have lots of company!  Very little positive happens in business or in life without a plan.  Learn the areas in which you need to grow and how to put together a plan to accomplish that growth.  John C. Maxwell’s book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, serves as the resource for this class.  Tuition: $50 (includes book)

Recognizing and Achieving Necessary Endings
Some things in life simply need to end: bad relationships, non-performing employees, and persistent harmful habits.  Endings are a necessary part of life.  This class will help you change your mental maps so that you don’t remain stuck in a difficult situation and how you can execute necessary endings.  We will use Necessary Endings by Dr. Henry Cloud  as our reference text.  Tuition: $50 (includes book)

Finding Your Strengths 
Some of us are in jobs we do not like or work in organizations we do not enjoy because we are operating outside of our strengths.  Performance management experts say that we should spend 80% of our time in our strengths, 15% in our development or growth areas, and 5% in our weakness areas.  This class will help you understand your unique strengths and how to operate in them to increase your joy in life and your impact upon others.  We will use Marcus Buckingham’s book, Standout, for this class.  Tuition: $50 (includes book)

Understanding Personality Differences  
Understanding Personality DifferencesIndividuals are all  different.  Those differences can make or break relationships and teams.  Leaders need to learn how to discover and use personality types and working styles to improve communication, trust and results.  This class will help you discover and use individual differences to build effective teams.  Tuition: $50 (includes book)

Building a Dynamic Volunteer Team 
Volunteer the REVOLUTIONEffectively leading a team of volunteers in one of the most difficult leadership tasks.  Volunteers are hard-working people with different levels of commitment, skills, experiences, working styles, personalities, and agenda.  Leaders must find non-salary ways to recruit, train, motivate, and reward volunteers.  Learn how to unleash the strengths of volunteers and motivate them to volunteer again.  Bill Hybels’ book, The Volunteer Revolution: Unleashing the Power of Everybody, will be used for this class.  Tuition: $50 (includes book)

The Continuing Education Office is located in the Student Services Building on the NTCC main campus
For More Information Contact:
The Continuing Education Office

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