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Gallery: Notable Images in the History of NTCC Honors

In the Spring of 2016, Presidential Scholars Angelica Fuentes, and Jessica Velazquez won two the the nation’s 75 full-ride ($120,000) transfer Jack Kent Cooke Awards. Angelica also won a Guistwhite Award. NTCC leads all other colleges in the United States since 2012 in winning this award.

In November of 2014, NTCC Presidential Scholar Kayleah Cumpian was elected Student Representative of the Great Plains Honors Council. This was the first time in the recorded history of the GPHC since 1975 that the highest student position in the association passed to a student of the same community college. She is shown above with Matthew Jordan who received a full-ride at Texas Tech Honors.

NTCC led the nation in the spring of 2014 in the accumulation of upper-level Scholarhips. (From left to right: Presidential Scholar Noah Griffin--member of the All U.S. Team, and Guistwhite Scholarship; NTCC President Brad Johnson; Presidential Scholar Matthew Jordan-Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship, Coca Cola Gold, and Guistwhite; Presidential Scholar Stephen Milburn-Jack Kent Cooke Award.

Matthew Jordan, flanked by Dr. Jim Archer, left, and Vice
President, Dr. Ron Clinton, Right, becomes the first Community
College Student Representative of the Great Plains Honors
Council in years in the October 2013 Election

Noah Griffin (shown here with Dr. Mary Hearron) wins
the 2013 State of Texas Caldwell Award, and the Leaders
of Promise Award from Phi Theta Kappa

Matthew Jordan (left), and Samantha Trickey along with Vice
President Dr. Jon McCullough represent the first Group Caldwell
Prize ever attained by NTCC for their Caddo Work March 2013

Maricely Gomez and Carlos Mendez in May 2011

NTCC Scholars placed first and second in the State Caldwell competition, earning $400 and $300 dollars. Carlos Mendez' first-place paper was on the urban vision of San Antonio mayor, Henry Cisneros. Maricely Gomez's paper was on Cynthia Ann Parker, the Comanche captive who became a Comanche. Both papers were subsequently published in Touchstone.

Three "Breakthrough Scholars in the Early Years. On left,
Brooke Hale won a 2010 Boe Award. In Center, Thibaut
Guidet won a 2008 Boe Award, and (right) Clara Ramirez
was first student in NTCC History to win a Caldwell Award,
have her article published, with a Coca Cola Gold Award,
and a Jack Kent Cooke Award.

Trip to Washington D.C. For the 2009 NCHC Though only one of seven proposals were accepted into inclusion in this prestigious NCHC gathering, NTCC had four Scholars who presented work, or led sessions. Here the group that went stands by the Lincoln Memorial

Above: Left to Right: Angela Spencer, Clara Ramirez, Maria Chavez, Monica Paredes, Cody Russell, and Ian Deluna.

The Three Mount Pleasant Valedictorians of 2007, 2008, and 2009

Left to right above: Thibaut Guidet, Brianne Giddens, and
Stephen Graham Moulin Rouge Dance!
19 February 2009

NTCC Presidential Scholars are shown after having won two of the three Boe Awards for the lower division of the Great Plains Honors Council in 2008. From left, Thibaut Guidet, Jilian Parton, Brooke Hale, Briane Giddens, Ashley Shew, Zachary Richardson, and Kristin Ellermann.

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Northeast Texas Community College is an equal opportunity, affirmative action, ADA institution.
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