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Honors Committee

The Honors Committee according to the founding resolution of the NTCC Board of Trustees in 2007 is the governing body of Honors Northeast. It consists of the Honors Director, professors and administrators representing different academic divisions of the college, and a student representative who is also president of the Honors Student Council. The committee has met every semester since the program’s founding in 2007. Honors Northeast had the luxury of having three student success experts on the committee from 2008 to 2016, Joy Cooper, Robert Fenton, and David Rangel. In the fall of 2016, Vice President Ron Clinton enlarged the Committee. As the Committee selects the candidates for Honors Northeast, and its policies, we have benefitted immensely from the perspective, and guidance of its members through the years.
Gallery of Images:


Spring 17 New Committee Members

Spring of 2017: New Committee Members and Commemoration for David Rangel’s Ten
Years of Service. Left to Right: Sarah Spiker (Philosophy), Joy Cooper (Business) Drew
Murphy (Chemistry) David Rangel (Now a Math Professor at Kilgore Community
College), William Jones (President of Honors Student Council), Erika Garza (Academic
Success Coach Director), Heidi Wooten (Economics) and Andrew Yox (Honors Director).


Retirement of Robert Fenton, Spring of 2016:
Left to Right: Morgan Capps, Isaac Burris, David Rangel, Andrew Yox


Honors Committee 2014 (Left to Right): Robert Fenton,
Isaac Burris, Joy Cooper, David Rangel, Andrew Yox


Honors Committee 2010. Robert Fenton, Joy Cooper,
David Rangel, and Cody Russell


Honors Committee Members at formative Dinner, 2007, with the first named
Presidential Scholar, Ashley Shew

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