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Honors Professors


Professors of the BioTex Seminar for Entering Presidential and Honors Scholars: Dr. Andrew Yox, and Dr. Mary Hearron (This is a seven-hour seminar that includes core curriculum courses such as the Introduction of Biology, and Texas History)

Dr. Paula Wilhite 

Dr. Shirley Clay

Dr. Skaar and Dr. Wilhite teach the second-semester seminar in Psychology and Statistics

 Dr. Melissa Weinbrenner and Andrew Daniel teach the third seminar, taken by Sophomore Presidential Scholars in Humanities and Music Appreciation

Chuck Hamilton (above with Honors Scholar, Cheyenne Shoemaker) teaches the Capstone Honors Seminar for Second-Semester Sophomores, English 2333.  The fall seminar for sophomores dealt with much of the best of what the human mind has created in culture and art.  This course deals with au courant classics, offering students the best accounts of where we are now as a civilization, and where we are headed.


       Our Honors Program is committed to the notion that it takes attention to win attention.  The seven of us bring about a century-and-a-half's worth of experience as educators to the Honors Program, and we want our honors students to achieve on a regional and national level.  Our honors professors accompany our honors students to the conferences of professional associations, fall, and spring trips.  We helped vet papers that won regional and state prizes.  Your success is our success.

      We also hope that you will have an enjoyable stay with us.



      Of the six, Dr. Shirley Clay is our eternal youth, who will entertain her psychology seminars with sharp questions,blunt humor, and plain talking.  Watch out for her students in poster competitions!   Dr. Mary Hearron brings a superior knowledge of our region together with a lively series of classes and labs in Biology.  Her biological precept, "that life to exist must hold out against equilibrium, maintain imbalance, and bank against entropy," has served us well in honors.  Dr. Paula Wilhite is known throughout Northeast Texas for her singular ability to make calculus and statistics simple, fun, and even, at times, exciting.  She's a wonderful advisor too, for honors students heading into math and science.  Dr. Andrew Yox, with a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, provides a scholarly edge to the Honors Program, as does Melissa Weinbrenner, with a Ph.D. from Texas A&M, who is working on a book about American Festivals.  Chuck Hamilton, Professor of English is our discussion Meister, who teaches our capstone  English seminar.  Andrew Daniel adds a musical dimension, having toured Europe as a classical guitarist.

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Northeast Texas Community College is an equal opportunity, affirmative action, ADA institution.
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