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Presidential Scholars

Rhylie Anderson was a percussionist in the Winnsboro High School Band, and a member of the Beta Club, dedicated to community service. She had a perfect GPA in her dual enrollment classes. As a freshman, she already has contributed as an actor, producer, and cinematographer in the 2017 Honors film.

Alicia Cantrell is the eighth president of the Honors Student Council, and a member of the NTCC Honors Committee. She is also President of the award-winning NTCC chapter of Alpha Mu Chi of Phi Theta Kappa. An accomplished dancer and Color Guard Captain at Mount Vernon High School, Cantrell presented her work on Texas feminists, Barbara Jordan, and Ann Richards, at the 2017 Spring Meeting of the GPHC at Beaumont. Judges have accepted her essay on Intersectional Feminism for the 2018 issue of Touchstone. The Walter Webb Society has issued a special invitation for Cantrell to present this essay at the 2018 Meeting of the Texas State Historical Association in San Marcos. She is the second student in the college's history to present in this capacity, as one of the two chosen undergraduates of the State of Texas to give a keynote address.

Chesney Davis graduated third in the Pittsburg High School class of 2016, and became the 2016 Cypress Bank Scholar of Honors. He came in first in the 2016 Northeast Texas Poetry Contest, winning $400, and fourth in the 2017 McGraw Hill Poster Contest, winning $100. He won a $100 Eckman Award for having the highest GPA in the Honors Statpsych Seminar, and presented research in Beaumont for the 2017 meeting of the Great Plains Honors Council (GPHC). Davis has also become a regional Vice President in Phi Theta Kappa. He is the first scholar in NTCC's history to win a regional Dr. Mary Hood award, scoring higher than any student in the State of Texas.

Brenda Godoy was the 2016 Mount Pleasant High School Salutatorian. In her first semester at NTCC, she won the Eckman Award for the highest GPA in the fall Honors Biotex Seminar. As a Vice President of Alpha Mu Chi, with a perfect GPA at NTCC and work as a mentor, she won the top Texas STAR award of the state of Texas in Phi Theta Kappa last July. She served as the Director and actress in the 2017 Honors Film, and will help feature it in a panel at the meeting of the NCHC in November. NTCC's Honors Committee ranked Godoy's essay on "Hierarchies of the Texas Revolution" number one in 2017, making it, the college's Portz Nominee. She will become the second undergraduate in NTCC's history to present scholarship at a professional conference this October, debuting at the meeting of the East Texas Historical Association.

Rachel Jordan was a graduate of Ore City High School where she made it to state in intervarsity tennis. A Vice President of Alpha Mu Chi, Jordan won a STAR Award at the meeting of Phi Theta Kappa in Texas last July. She also won a fourth-place Caldwell Award of the State of Texas for her essay on Texas Regionalist and Modernist artists. The editorial board of the journal, Touchstone, accepted her essay for publication in its 2018 issue. Judges at the GPHC and the NCHC also accepted her presentation on Texas art for the 2016 Beaumont meeting, and the national 2017 meeting in Atlanta. Jordan also has served as a cinematographer, and actress in two NTCC honors films. She is currently one of two candidates for the position of Student Representative in the GPHC.

Adriana Rodriguez graduated fourth at Mount Pleasant High School. A member of the Color Guard, she went on to win first place in an Honors Dance Battle between Tarrant and NTCC in the fall of 2016. A cinematographer in two NTCC honors films, she has helped present honors films in Fredericksburg, and Houston. She placed third in the 2016 Northeast Texas Poetry Contest, winning $200. She has presented scholarly work in Beaumont at the GPHC, and judges accepted her presentation on the Compromise of 1850 for coming meeting of the NCHC this November. Rodriguez is Vice President of the Honors Student Council, and one of 30 national finalists for "Student of the Year" in the NCHC.

Cassidy Watkins was the 2016 Salutatorian of Daingerfield High School. She has become the second, $4,000 Texas Heritage National Bank Scholar in NTCC history, obtaining a full-tuition scholarship from the bank in recognition of her many accomplishments. With a perfect GPA, Watkins became the 2017 winner of the $200 Elizabeth Chitsey Award as the honors student who most exceeded expectations. She published an account of NTCC's forays in Texas history for the journal, Touchstone, in 2017. She successfully produced and acted in the 2016 Honors film on Sam Houston, and the Texas Cherokee, and featured the film at the fall meeting of the Walter Webb Society in Fredericksburg, the NTCC Premiere, and the spring meeting of the Texas State Historical Society in Houston. She will feature her production at the 2017 meeting of the NCHC in Atlanta. She also stars as Mary Kay in the 2017 Honors film.

Jordan Whelchel was a member of the National Honors Society at Daingerfield High School, and a member of a welding team that won blue ribbon at the Houston Livestock Show. He became the tenth Cypress Bank Scholar of Honors Northeast this fall. He will appear as Mary Kay's heir-apparent son, Richard, in the 2017 Honors film, and served on the film's Executive Committee.

Warren Wu was a member of the National Honors Society, the Student Council, and the Future Farmers of America at Daingerfield High School. He is the producer of the 2017 Honors film.

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