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Presidential Scholars

Burris, Isaac:

Graduated fifth at Mount Pleasant High SchoolHe plays the role of a runaway slave in the Honors Northeast film on Harriet Potter Ames. His paper on the Varangian Option for slaves in Texas won fourth place in the state-wide Caldwell Competition in Corpus Christi. On this same topic, he won an invitation and presented work at the Great Plains Honors Council on South Padre Island in April, and he has won an invitation to present in Chicago at the 2015 meeting of the National Collegiate Honors Council. Two exciting events concluded Burris' final month of his first year with Honors Northeast. He won third Place and $200 at the 2015 McGraw Hill Poster contest, and he was elected Vice President for District III of Phi Theta Kappa of Texas, during the national PTK meeting in San Antonio.

Morgan Capps:

Was the 2014 Valedictorian at Jefferson Christian Academy. She won $100 and fourth place for her poem on "Life Under the Piny Woods" at the 2014 Northeast Texas Poetry Contest. After one semester at NTCC, she received honors for the best performance in the Fall 2014 Biotex Honors Seminar in the January issue of Alacrity and the Honors Committee promoted her to Presidential Scholar. In her second semester, Capps won second place and a $300 Caldwell Award for her path-breaking paper on Texas governors, Ma and Pa Ferguson, at Corpus Christi at the State Webb Society, the student auxiliary of the Texas State Historical Association. This will be the source of the 2015 Honors Film on the Fergusons. She also presented work on the Fergusons at the Great Plains Honors Council in April on South Padre Island. Morgan's work has been accepted for a presentation at the 2015 National Collegiate Honors Council meeting in November in Chicago.

Kayleah Cumpian:

Cumpian had one of the most remarkable freshman years in NTCC history. She is the only student in the history of the college to have won three prestigious regional awards in her first year-the state of Texas Caldwell Award (third-place), a Boe Award for the Great Plains Honors Council (one of three winners for first and second-year students from Nebraska to Texas), and a Phi Theta Kappa Star Award for Texas. She also won a full-ride week at Duke University to study the use of mathematics in bio-medical research, and a summer REU internship. Her paper on the Northeast Texas Congressman, Wright Patman, was the NTCC Portz nominee for 2014, and it formed the basis for her presentation at the National Collegiate Honors Council in Denver in November of 2014. She acted in the 2013 Honors film on Wright Patman, and directed the 2014 film on Harriet Potter Ames. She was cited both semesters for Academic Excellence in her freshman year, having the best average scores in the fall and spring honors seminars. She has a 4.0 GPA after three semesters. Cumpian has secured a internship for the summer of 2015 at the M.D. Anderson hospital in Houston. She is the 2015 Student Representative of the Great Plains Honors Council, the top student position in an association of over 80 honors programs and colleges from Nebraska to Texas!

Angelica Fuentes:

Graduated 8th at Mount Pleasant High School where she was National Technical Honor Society President, Class of 2014 Treasurer, Student Council Secretary, and Varsity Cheerleader. At MPHS, she was a Rotary Club Member of the Month, a Heisman Prize recipient, and an all-American cheerleader nominee. She is now secretary of the NTCC Honors Student Council, and has a 3.9 GPA after 30 hours of dual enrollment classes. She appears as Lucy Rose in the 2014 Harriet Potter Ames film.

Christopher Hall:

Was the 2014 Salutatorian from Rivercrest High School who ran varsity track, belonged to the National Honor Society, and won numerous school awards. He has maintained a 4.0 GPA in dual enrollment courses. Hall is assuming responsibility for the ongoing Honors Northeast Caddo project. He appears as Robert Potter's right-hand man in the 2014 honors film.

Cassia Rose:

A top graduate of Winnsboro High School, Rose was a Student of the Month, a Future Farmers of America President, a UIL competitor, a member of the Student Council, a Food Drive leader, a Howard Rosser Scholarship recipient, and the school's sound system coordinator. She placed third for Entrepreneurship at the Texas state meeting of the Family, Community, and Career Leaders of America conference. She has thrice taught English on South American mission trips, and has served frequently as a performer and playwright at the Winnsboro Center for the Arts. Rose stars as the Northeast Texas Heroine, Harriet Potter Ames, in the upcoming 2014 honors film, she has also starred as Bonnie Parker in Winnsboro, and "Annelle" in Steel Magnolias at NTCC.

Jessica Velazquez:

Jessica Velazquez distinguished herself as one of the top students at NTCC in 2014-2015. She acted the role of Sophia Mayfield in the Chronicles of Harriet Potter Ames and reenacted the Sophia Mayfield character and presented the "Harriet" story at Native Plant Society of Texas Meeting in Texarkana, Texas, 17 October 2014. She was Cited for Academic Excellence In January issue of Alacrity, Newsletter of Honors Northeast, 2015 for her outstanding work in the fall honors seminars. In the spring, Jessica won acceptance, and presented work on "Farm Life in Transition 1930-1960" at the Great Plains Honors Council, 10 April 2015 at South Padre Island, arguing that "mechanized depopulation" occurred during the time of Jim Crow. Her work also has won acceptance for a presentation at the National Collegiate Honors Council meeting in Chicago, 11-15 November 2015.

Reynolds, Tyler:

Reynolds had an excellent first year at Honors Northeast with a 3.8 GPA. He produced the 2013 Honors Film on Wright Patman and featured it at fall Webb Society of Texas in Victoria, the premiere on 7 February in Mount Pleasant, the 2014 meeting of the Great Plains Honors Council at Fort Smith, Arkansas, the Franklin County Arts Alliance Film Festival on 21 June 2014, and at the Twentieth Century Club in Pittsburg in November of 2014. His work led to the first chapter award ever won by the NTCC Webb Society in San Antonio in March of 2014. Reynolds also won a Star Award from Texas Phi Theta Kappa last summer. He is the president of the Honors Student Council, and placed third, winning $200 at the 2014 Northeast Texas Poetry Contest for his poem on the "Abandonment of the Firefly." He stars as the Texas Navy Secretary, Robert Potter, in the 2014 Honors film on Harriet Potter Ames. He presented work on the honors film culture at NTCC in Denver at the National Collegiate Honors Council in November of 2014.

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