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Honors Northeast exists because the residents of Northeast Texas have encouraged student success and the merit dynamic that inspirits students to plan audaciously.

Our benefactors, inside and outside the college have allowed us to mentor, encourage, and reward student creativity!  Generous funds facilitate contacts, and leads to better letters of recommendation, and other key components of achievement.

Your gifts have had a major impact!

Elizabeth Whatley of Longview provided NTCC Honors with an inital $50,000 to help initiate the program in 2007.  Presidential Scholar Jacob Brantley (left), representing the fifth class of NTCC Honors, and Presidential Scholar Hannah Kingston (right) helped thank Mrs. Whatley for her formative help at a dinner in her honor in Longview in November of 2011. Mrs. Whatley died in April of 2016, and we hope that we can help preserve her memory.  From 2010-2016, Honors Northeast scholars have won over 25 national scholarships and over $1,000,000 dollars of award money.  She helped make that possible.


Dr. Jim and Paula Archer established and have helped maintain the Honors Northeast Social Fund. We have benefitted not only through their generous gifts, but to IBM matching gifts secured through Paula’s work with her former employer.


Jane Scharlach, and her husband Art (Jane shown here with former Honors Student, Maricely Gomez) have played a remarkable “behind the scenes” role in the advancement of Honors Northeast.  The value of their help has been incalculable. They have also helped a large number of individual students, not only of Honors Northeast, but of our region, in obtaining their goals.


Karen Harmon (left) of Mount Pleasant, shown here with her husband Jim on the right, has sponsored several NTCC scholars, and has averaged several contributions a year to our program. Much of this charity has also come in ways that have been impossible for us to tabulate.


Cypress Bank Mr. Gary Bicknell, who recently retired at Cypress as President, handed a $1,100-dollar check for a MacBook Laptop to Monica Paredes on 31 July 2008, and provided strong moral support for her achievements, most notably her acceptance to present work at the 2009 National Collegiate Honors Council Meeting in Washington, D.C.   Cypress Bank has provided laptops for Honors Northeast every year since 2008, and each year we have been pleased to name a “Cypress Bank Scholar”


American National Bank was the pioneer benefactor of Honors Northeast. ANB has been a remarkable help over the years.  Shown here with ANB's past Senior Vice President, Ernie McAnally, with two early recipients of laptop gifts, Maria Chavez (left) and Samantha Johnson.



First Federal Community Bank has been a solid supporter of Honors Northeast since 2009.  At right, Ashley Amerson, Mount Pleasant Branch Manager, flanked by Kelli Knepp, and Andrew Yox.



Jerald and Mary Lou Mowery have helped initiate feature-length honors historical films since 2013. They have also financed encounters between honors and the Texas Shakespeare festival as shown to the right.



The Late Mr. Joe Bernat, shown left, enabled NTCC honors to become a "shining model," of honors programs, in the early days—this a description by a former president of the Great Plains Honors Council, Dr. Brad Gambill.  The Joe Bernat and his wife, Marjorie made it possible for NTCC Honors to purchase five high-end laptops.  They funded the fall of 2009 trip to Houston, and other programs designed to enhance the transferability of NTCC's Presidential Scholars.


Former NTCC President, Dr. Charles Florio, has made contributions to Honors Northeast that will never be fully tabulated.  As president, he worked to have Honors started here in 2007.  Both Jessica Velazquez (left) and Angelica Fuentes (right), shown with him here, went on to win 2 of the 75 full-ride Jack Kent Cooke scholarships of the nation in 2016.


Texas Heritage Bank of Daingerfield, in 2016 became the first donor to offer a full Presidential Scholarship for a year.  Left to right are Mr. Dwyatt Bell, CEO of THNB, Brenda Howard, Senior Vice President, and Jonathan McCullough, Vice President for Development at Northeast.


Dr Mary Hearron, and the Berthiaume family have financed our annual Chitsey Awards, commemorating the late Elizabeth Chitsey, also an Honors Northeast donor, whose descendants have had a major impact on education in Northeast Texas.  The Hearron-Berthiaume contributions have also enabled fabulous meals, and trips.


John and Jan Bryan of Naples have become a wonderful help to our honors endeavors, quite recently.




Al and Sue Havenstrite:  have donated generous amounts to honors here.

Dr. Jerry Wesson: has donated much time, and has cultivated important relationships for our program.

Beverly Hinson, Lynda Watson and Jeannie Pruitt have helped many an honors student in need.


Cindy Hess of Hess Furniture, Mount Pleasant (right) provided Presidential Scholar, Julia Sky Horton with a Scholarship, 21 August, 2008.

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Northeast Texas Community College is an equal opportunity, affirmative action, ADA institution.
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