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Continuing Education in Agriculture

Agriculture Continuing Education Courses are the best tactic for do-it-yourself farmers to learn specific skills in a timely manner to increase their overall sustainability.


  • Mirror Ag Courses
    Perspective students can choose to mirror an existing for credit course during the semester. In this case, students attend regularly scheduled ag courses during the semester with the credit students. However, CE students are not required to adhere to the attendance and testing policy as the credit students do.

  • Module Ag Courses
    Students mirror an existing credit course during the semester but only for the time period that covers the desired skill they would like to learn and the course price is adjusted for the time the student attends.

  • Ag Skills Courses
    These are stand-alone courses that are not a part of the current credit courses. Designed specifically for continuing education, they meet the guidelines for continuing education required by some licenses.

  • Conference or workshop courses
    Generally offered once or twice a year, these courses are a part of community outreach conferences and can cover a more general and broad subject matter.

  • Custom Courses
    We partner with organizations, businesses, and individuals who desire to provide excellent instruction in agriculture subjects in an elite and professional fashion. Safety training, continuing education hours for licenses or grants, and other corporate requirements can be coordinated and customized to meet your needs.

Continuing Education Courses Open Now for Registration

Annie's Project ~ Risk Management Education for Farm and Ranch Women
This women's empowerment program will be offered in six sessions beginning on Monday, January 5, 2014 and continuing each Monday through February 9, 2014. Cost of the workshop series is $45 per person and class size is limited. Those interested in participating should contact LouAnn at 903-434-8134 to enroll by Dec 31st.

Homestead Series ~ Series of hands-on courses for small farmers interested in sustainable technique instruction.

If you have become interested in the "sustainable agriculture" facet of agriculture as a marketing niche, want to create a more prosperous farm that could be passed on to your family, or are just looking for the perfect retirement adventure, contact the NTCC Agriculture Department. This will be the 1st annual Homestead Workshop and is set to begin this February, and is limited to 25 participants a registration fee of $45 for the series of courses must be paid prior to February 5th. If you would be interested in learning more about this program, serving as an example "homestead", sponsoring, or attending classes, contact Rene' McCracken at 903-434-8267 or rmccracken@ntcc.edu. To enroll in the course contact LouAnn at 903-434-8134 today.

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