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NTCC Music Department

The fundamental tenet of the music department is to provide an excellent music education. All areas of musicianship are cultivated and nurtured in order to enhance, not only the appreciation of music, but also lives through quality musical experiences.  We strive to further the development of the arts through faculty and student contributions to their discipline.

Our student’s expectations drive the mission and vision; success depends on how effectively we meet their needs, how effective we listen and understand their varied perspectives. The expressed expectations from our students provide a discourse that informs a continuous refinement of the mission and vision. It is critical that all faculty understand the music department’s goals and contribute to the ongoing conversation. Comprehensive involvement leads to a better understanding of the department’s direction and influences their individual strategy to better serve the student.

The creative process is most rewarding when freedom of expression is emphasized.  In the struggle to create, we foster opportunities for individual perspicuity, increase artistic skills and develop an acute awareness of the primary demands on the artist.  As the student becomes more skilled in these areas, the better equipped they are to express their inner visions and personal truths. They acquire a profound appreciation for the musical art, understand creative integrity and build their self-confidence.

The music department presents a learning environment that is conducive to creative thought and provides a platform for students to develop the skills necessary to attain employment in their discipline. They also develop the skills required to transfer and continue their studies at other institutions. In addition, the student will use the arts disciplines to develop life skills (e.g. critical and creative thinking).

Our mission is best accomplished when we consider that a major focus in institutional philosophy is the process of student learning.  To this end we create a compassionate atmosphere in which students are of principal importance. We understand and appreciate the varied learning styles of our students and provide a broad environment which allows student participation in an array of musical experiences.  The final goal of this student-oriented process is to foster appreciation, artistic growth and maturity; this will lead to artistic production. Equally important, however, is professional development of the faculty, staff and administrators. 

We serve the community by supporting the musical arts throughout East Texas and the surrounding areas. We aid in creating a demand for this art by contributing and offering our services and experiences. We build and develop community music organizations and participate within that network.  In this context we provide opportunities for the population to practice and develop as musicians.

To experience art is to participate in the universal creative process. This process opens our hearts and minds, stimulates our imagination. Propagation of the arts is paramount for the survival of our culture, as well as our understanding of other cultures. It is primarily through the arts that we comprehend the diverse populations that inhabit the planet.

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