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What Students and Parents Need to Know  

  • Grades - NTCC does not mail grades. Grades are available through CampusConnect on the myEagle Portal

  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act – this law, commonly referred to as FERPA, prohibits colleges from providing information (other than directory information) to anyone other than the student. What this means to parents is that the college cannot give you information about your student’s grades or attendance. The college also is prohibited from allowing you to enroll your student in classes or discuss their financial accounts without a note authorizing such from that student. NTCC sees each student who enrolls here as an adult, and does not differentiate between concurrently enrolled high school students and other students.

  • Special Accommodations – Federal Law that addresses students with disabilities differs for students in high school and students in college. Generally, Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act requires that “reasonable accommodations” must be made to provide students with disabilities equal access to higher education. Students with disabilities must still pass the assessment/testing standards for the courses they take, and they must be able to perform in class just like any other student. They may be given help in the form of extra time, note-takers, or accommodations to meet physical barriers, but the level of work in the class will be the same for college students with or without disabilities.

    Special Populations

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Northeast Texas Community College is an equal opportunity, affirmative action, ADA institution.


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Northeast Texas Community College is an equal opportunity, affirmative action, ADA institution.
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