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Steps to Registering for a VCT Course


Pick up an advisement form in College Connection (SUB 101).

  1. Meet with an advisor, to determine courses needed and get her approval to enroll in a VCT course.

  2. Check the NTCC course schedule for available courses to determine if NTCC is offering the course you need.

    Note: We will NOT process requests for online VCT courses if Northeast Texas Community College (NTCC) is offering the same course online and space is available.

    • If NTCC is not currently offering the course online, or it is offered but is full, then select a pre-approved course from the local list at

      Go to step 4.

    • If the course needed is not pre-approved then select a course from the VCT statewide schedule at

      Requests for courses from this schedule are subject to approval, which may take several days to obtain. Students will be notified via email when the reservation is made or in the event the course is not approved.

  3. Verify that you have met all of the course prerequisites and make note of textbook information, orientation dates or requirements to contact the instructor.

  4. Submit a Reservation Request to the VCT Coordinator. To comply with SACS and NTCC requirements, the reservation must be initiated 7 days prior to the last day to reserve a space in a course.

  5. Check your email for:

    • A Notification of Reservation or notification that the course was not approved
    • A notification from the provider college about textbook information, and how to log into their learning management system.

  6. Pick up a course enrollment form in the VCT office (H109). You must complete the registration with Admissions. You are not registered until the process is complete.

  7. Take your enrollment form to an advisor in College Connection to complete the registration process. You may only register during scheduled registration periods as posted in the course schedule.

  8. Take your emailed reservation form to the bookstore to order your books so that the books arrive before the first week of school. You may use your financial aid at NTCC bookstore, but not the provider college's bookstore

  9. Contact your instructor, according to syllabus, no later than a week before the start of class, to let him or her know you are registered for the class.

  10. At this point you are officially enrolled in the course. If you have any questions or concerns that the instructor can't assist you with, please contact your VCT Coordinator.
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Northeast Texas Community College is an equal opportunity, affirmative action, ADA institution.
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