Faculty host 25th Annual Student Awards Banquet

The Northeast Texas Community College Faculty Senate held its 25th Annual Student Awards Banquet Thursday night at the Region 8 service center. This annual event allows the faculty to acknowledge exceptional students and alumni for their contributions to NTCC and beyond. Click here for photos of the event!

The President’s Academic Excellence Award recognizes students who have excelled academically. Those receiving this award included:















Leslie Blann
Oriana Castro
Melonie Chamness
Tammy Christianson
Norma Contreras
Katelin Cooper
Lily Cox
Dalton Crosson
Chesney Davis
Jayme Davis
William Fox
Benjamin Glanzer
Brenda Godoy
Francis (Frank) Hall
Isidoro Hernandez
Jade Lewis
Venson McGary
Yuridia Moreno
Jordan Delaney Smith
William Wilson
Daniel Yanez

The Spirit of Northeast Award goes to students who have made full use of their college experiences to maximize their academic potential. Those receiving this award included:














Nadia Ballarin
D. Balough
Melonie Chamness
Brenda Driggers
Claire Fitch
Jaime Flores
Oscar Gonzalez
Francis (Frank) Hall
Wendy Harbour
Laney Jordan
Rachel Jordan
Wycliffe Kenani
Kassy Martinez
Presley McClendon
Dylan McConnell
Ruber Medina
Kenzie Messer
Melody Mott
Deborah Pritchet
Shelly Pugh
Carrol Reed
Heather Short
Erichica Sullivan
Aaron Taylor
Rigoberto Villa
Jocelyn Walker

The Horizon Award recognizes students who have significantly contributed their time and energy to the college through their outstanding achievements or success. Those receiving this award included:














Nathalie Alvarado
Nadia Ballarin
Tyler Bernard
Iesha Fluellen
Corey Fyfe
Cody Jackson
Tiffany Johnson
Thomas Kay
Beverly King
Jade Lewis
Samantha McCracken
Ryan-Rose Mendoza
Melody Mott
April Reed
Alecia Spurlin
John Paul Villegas
Cassidy Watkins
Kayla Lynn Willeford

The Distinguished Alumnus Award goes to former students who have brought pride to the college through their outstanding achievements or success. Those receiving this award included:













Ron Bristow
Dr. Marco Chavez
Kevin Chumbley, P.E.
Betsy Gooding
Dr. Karl Greer
Linda Hardy
Tiffany Hearron
John Herron
Martin Holden
Dr. Will Hooks
Amanda Hutchings
Meredith Joubet
Lisa Lageschaar
Dr. Alex Villalobos
Shemetric Williams

Two students were awarded the Faculty Senate Scholarship Award. These are scholarships supported personally by members of the NTCC Faculty. Matthew Chambers and Isidoro Hernandez were the 2017 recipients.









The Faculty Senate also honored four retired NTCC Professors who have been awarded the title Professor Emeritus. This honor has been bestowed upon Dr. Jim Archer, Dr. Shirley Clay, Douglas Hoppock and Dr. Ollie Theison.