NTCC seeks summer work scholarship students

Do you really want to go to college?  Are you willing to work for it?

Northeast Texas Community College is looking for a select group of students interested in working to pay for their education while also earning some spending money along the way. These students, who will be part of NTCC’s pilot Work Scholarship Program, will work on the NTCC Eagle Ranch and receive college credit this summer.

In an effort to help students attend college without accumulating debt, NTCC is trying something new (actually more like something that many people from previous generations already experienced) – letting people work for their education.

“This new Volunteer Scholarship Assistance Program will allow students the opportunity to perform meaningful work related to their major where they will not only receive hands-on training, but also earn spending money for the summer along with credit towards their fall and spring tuition,” Dr. Jon McCullough, Vice President for Advancement, said.

According to McCullough, Northeast has been trying this out on a case-by-case basis for the past 12 months, but this will be the first time it has been used on a cohort of students (12-to 15 students will make up this first class).

“These students will be earning $12 per hour, which is very good pay for a part-time job.  Of this amount, $4 will be paid directly to the student and the other $8 will be applied as a credit toward their tuition and fees for the fall and spring semester,” McCullough said.

Any student who wants to go to college and is willing to work for it may apply.  Students will be selected based on their completion of an application and interview process. Special consideration will be given to those students who want to pursue a degree in agriculture (however, this is not a condition of application to the program).

Students must be able to work 16 hours per week beginning June 9 and ending August 14. Work schedules will vary throughout the week. McCullough pointed out that “this is not a needs-based program. This program is for students who have a strong work ethic, or are willing to develop one!”

For more information on this opportunity, please call the Director of the NTCC Agriculture Program, Rene’ McCracken at 903-434-8267 or visit the college website at ntcc.edu/workscholarship.

McCullough noted that people from the local area privately fund the program through contributions.

“We have many privately-funded scholarships that are given to students because of academic merit or financial need.  These are very important and highly needed.  However, I have met with different donors over the years that have said they would like to contribute to a program where students have to give something back in order to receive the scholarship,” he said. “That is what the students enrolled in this program must do.”

McCullough noted that the school is still looking for sponsors for the summer program and for the cohort of students the college hopes to fund during the fall and spring.  The cost to sponsor a student is $1,000 per student.  Those interested in sponsoring a student may contact he NTCC Advancement Office at 903-434-8115.

According to McCullough, the college plans on expanding this program over the next few years.

“As a part of our mission, we plan on helping students by providing them an opportunity to get a great education without having to leave college owing on student loans.  In addition to growing this program to around 300 students working on the campus, we hope to one day be able to create these same type of working opportunities throughout our community,” he said.