Student Spotlight: Isidoro Hernandez


Name:  Isidoro Hernandez
Age:   19
Academic Major:   Electrical Engineering
Expected to graduate with an Associate of Science in summer 2017 with high honors

Extracurricular Activities:   Volunteers at Titus County Cares Resource Center (20+ hours), Assists NTCC students with wire electrical diagrams (Sept 2014 to May 2015), NTCC Scare Fair ticket sells, Active member of Phi Theta Kappa

Awards and Scholarships:  Mt. Pleasant High School Electrical Trades Scholarship $400 per semester, Silver Medal State Residential and Commercial Wiring Competition, 2017 NTCC Presidential Academic Award, 2017 NTCC Faculty Senate Scholarship $500, 2017 Wilhite Engineering Transfer Scholarship $500, 2017 International Sulphur Transfer Scholarship $1,000

Why did you choose to attend NTCC? I choose to attend NTCC for several reasons because it was the closest college to my home, I could afford it (at least with financial aid), and I could live with my parents and get support from them.

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Why is your major appealing to you? When I was very young, I wanted to be an engineer simply because the word sounded cool. Now, it’s because I love the challenge of this field. I chose electrical engineering in particular because I was exposed to the electrical field when I was in high school. My desire for learning led me to be the only student so far who accomplished the most in only one school year in the Electrical Technology Program. Due to my success, I decided to major in electrical engineering. Besides finding this field interesting, I believe it is in huge demand due to the constant change of technology. I would love to get out of school and immediately find a fascinating job.

What are your plans after NTCC?  I have been accepted to the College of Electrical Engineering at Texas A&M University – College Station to begin my studies in the fall 2017 semester.

What are your career goals at this point? At this point in my career, I want to continue with my education until I graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Then I would find a part time job to pay back my student loans and help my family, while continuing going to school to earn a Masters and then a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering.  I would love to go to school for the rest of my life because I really enjoy learning.

 How has your NTCC experience helped you achieve your goals? The best years of my life began when I enrolled at NTCC.  Although I did not know anything about engineering, I was eager to begin the engineering track.  Soon I became a loner who was always doing math homework.  My drive to succeed led by excellent instructors has resulted in a high GPA of 3.92.

Comments from Professor David Rangel, Associate Professor of Mathematics:

While in my class, Isidoro went above and beyond any expectations that I set and consistently performed at the top of the class.  This is quite an achievement because Isidoro was in a class full of Honors Northeast students.  An indicator of his desire to learn was his consistent questions during class to gain a better understanding of the concepts.  During class, his quiet demeanor allowed him to focus and to be attentive which translated to high academic performance. Isidoro was recently accepted to the Dwight Look College of Engineering at Texas A&M University with an Electrical Engineering major. His acceptance into the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science has placed him in an elite classification because few community college transfer students are accepted to the College of Engineering immediately.  Isidoro’s academic successes are a true indicator of what Northeast STEM students are capable of accomplishing.