COVID-19 Student FAQs

Updated Thursday, August 25, 2020

Should I wear a face mask or covering on campus?

Northeast Texas Community College requires all individuals on campus – including employees, students, visitors, and contractors – to wear face masks or face coverings in all building public areas (lobbies, hallways, bathrooms, etc).  Exceptions are noted below:


Are face coverings required in work areas that are separated by cubicle walls or partitions?
Face coverings must be worn in any public area, even if you are in your own workspace. However, a workspace is not in a public area when it allows for reliably maintaining a physical distance of six feet from others and includes a physical barrier between other work spaces. In these areas, a face covering is highly recommended but not required.


Do I need to wear a face covering in the classroom?
Classrooms have been arranged to allow for social distance between students and between instructor and students.  

  • When social distance is maintained, face coverings need not be worn in the classroom.  However, the instructor does have the discretion to require face coverings be worn in their specific classroom.
  • If class activities make social distancing impossible, then face coverings are to be worn in the classroom.


Do I have to wear a mask while eating in the SUB?
Face coverings should be worn at all times in the SUB except when seated at a table and eating.


Can a student or employee request an exemption from the requirement to wear a face covering?
Yes. Some individuals may not be able to wear a face covering due to a pre-existing medical condition or other disability. Students should contact the Office of Disability and Access Services to request an exemption. Employees should contact the Human Resources Department.


What if I forget my face covering and do not have a back-up?

Northeast Texas Community College will have disposable face masks available at the Student Services building for visitors or employees/students who forget their face coverings.

Are students and employees required to undergo health screenings before entering campus?

No, however employees and students are required to Self-Monitor each day prior to coming to campus:

  • Take your temperature – should be below 100.4o F or 38o C
  • Review symptom list to make sure you are symptom free
  • Don’t come to campus if you have symptoms and contact your healthcare provider


Will student activities still be available this semester?

Yes. Our Student Activities team is working hard to develop fun and informational activities throughout the semester that allow for social distancing. Check your NTCC e-mail for updates on activities.

What is the best place to find the latest COVID-19 information?

All formal communication is sent to your official NTCC e-mail account. Please check it frequently. You can also get the latest COVID-19 information at

What do I do if I’m enrolled in classes that meet on campus and I get sick, test positive for COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone who tested positive without appropriate PPE?

It is very important that you not come to campus if you experience any symptoms of COVID-19 or believe you may have been exposed to it through close contact. If you have on-campus classes or are too ill to participate in virtual formats, please notify your instructor(s) immediately so they can work with you to make sure you do not fall behind. You will also need to e-mail to let them know your situation and you will be advised further on how to proceed.

Where can I access computers/internet on campus?

The NTCC network provides Wi-Fi throughout campus, including parking lots. If you do not have a computer, laptop check-out kiosks are available in the SUB and BT buildings (limited availability, current student ID required). Computers labs are available in the Learning Commons (library), Humanities Community Room (HUM 101), Business Technology 117 & 121 (BT 117, BT 121, available only when no class is scheduled) and Instructional Annex 101 (IA 101, available only when no class is scheduled). Questions about connecting your devices to the network can be directed to

Can't find an answer to your COVID-19 realted question?

If you have questions about NTCC’s response to COVID-19 that are not answered on our COVID-19 response page or covered in these frequently asked questions, please submit them through this form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note, that we’re not in a position to answer scientific questions about the virus. Please visit the Centers for Disease Control for those questions.