Formerly known as the Work Scholarship program

The NTCC Work4College Program is a program that allows students the opportunity to earn their degree at NTCC. The goal is two-fold. One, give every student the opportunity to attend college without acquiring debt. And, two, give the student a hands-on learning experience in a meaningful area allowing them to earn while they learn. Students will get their hands dirty working on the college farm. Or, they may spend the summer painting classrooms and dorm rooms or pulling weeds and mowing. Many of them might work in the student Services area giving tours, recruiting new students, or even helping students fill out financial aid.

All work has one thing in common, if the students weren’t doing it, it would have to be done by someone else. Due to the value of the work, the program has expanded to include up to 12 different learning areas all over the campus. Work ethic, time management, interviewing skills, knowledge of other things expected of them in the workplace, along with completing a community service project, are all a part of the student’s learning experience in the Work4College Program.



The Work4College Program is privately funded. This is an investment on the part of Individuals and businesses and Private Foundations who believe in this concept enough that they have been willing to make it happen. Students earn $15 per hour. They receive $7.50 per hour as spending money. The other $7.50 per hour is applied toward their future tuition and fees. In other words, they are earning the funds to pay for their degree in advance! In addition, to learning how to work, the Work4College Program is providing an alternative to student loans.



What is so exciting about the Work4College Program is…IT WORKS! In the summer of 2014 we piloted the program with 15 students and all 15 successfully completed. In the summer of 2015 we expanded it to 35 students. Through normal attrition we expected to lose 5 or 6 students yet 34 completed the program! In the summer of 2016 we had 40 students and 39 completed! 2017 had 46 students participated in the program and ALL 46 completed. This past summer (2018), we had 64 students in the program from a pool of 105 applicants and 63 completed the Program. Over the five years of the program, our successful completion rate is 98.5% and the applicant pool has increased by more than 300%.



The Work4College Program has been so successful that we now have three applicants for each Work Scholarship position available. Through an endowment, we have secured funding for up to 40 students on an annual basis. And, with an annual fundraiser, we raise funds for approximately 20 additional students. We believe we have enough meaningful jobs on our campus to provide up to 200 Work Scholarship opportunities. We need the resources to grow the program. This will include being able to offer more opportunities for students and provide program funding for staff support and supplies.



Now matters! The success of the Work4College Program has been phenomenal! The momentum is growing. We need to take advantage of this success and provide this opportunity to others. We have something that no one else has and it is working. If programs don't grow, they sometimes go away. This is an investment in the lives of students and the return is immeasurable……….Help us to secure the future of others! Gifts of all sizes can go a long way towards sponsoring Work4College students.



Any current or future NTCC student can apply for the Work4College Program. Also, any high school junior or senior who plans on attending NTCC after high school graduation. And lastly, any person who meets either of the aforementioned criteria and, is willing to WORK! Just click on the APPLY NOW link and get started (the applications become available on December 1st of each year).



Whether you are wanting to know more about how you can sponsor a student, or you are a student wanting to apply to the program, please feel free to contact Dr. Jonathan McCullough by email or by phone (903) 434-8115. Also, check us out on facebook at