History of the W4C Program

What is so exciting about the Work4College Program is that

Work4College Participants By Year

Total Number of W4C Students: 272

Total College Credit Hours Taken by W4C Students: 11,335

Average Number of Hours Taken by W4C Students: 44

Average GPA of W4C Students: 3.22

88% of W4C Students
Remain Debt-Free!


Only 12% percent of Eligible W4C
Students Have Taken Student Loans


30% are currently attending NTCC

27% are still in high school/dual credit

25% have graduated NTCC

14% are in the workforce

Last summer alone the 2019 W4C students provided over 10,000 “man hours” of work in the program and over

95% of eligible W4C students have taken classes at NTCC after participating in the program.


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Mason May