Dual Credit Eligibility

Students must have completed the 10th grade year of a participating high school, private,charter or home school. Home schooled students must submit a notarized copy of their transcript.

Have approval from a high school counselor or principal with a signed dual credit permission form. The parents of home schooled students can sign the permission form but the classes must count for high school credit.

Fulfill appropriate admissions criteria for the college.

Meet minimum test scores (see below).

Test Score Requirements for Academic Courses (TSI)

TSI refers to the Texas law (Texas Success Initiative) that requires all students attending a Texas public college or university to be assessed in reading, writing, and math before attending college credit classes, unless student demonstrates an assessment-exempt or assessment-waived status.

· SAT – 1070 combined, with 500 or higher on math and/or verbal, OR

· ACT – 23 composite, with 19 or higher on math and/or English, OR

· PSAT/NMSQT – 107 combined w/minimum critical reading and/or math score of 50, OR

· TSI Assessment – Reading Comp 351, Elem Mathematics 350, Written Essay 5 (or Written Essay 4 AND Multiple Choice of 360).