LTC Prep Course - NRA Pistol Course

This course is for those who may know how to shoot but are unsure if they can pass the License to Carry (LTC) course shooting or written test. This four-hour course will prepare you for both the written and shooting tests of the LTC. This course will cover:

  • The 6 fundamentals of shooting
  • The four fundamental rules of shooting safety and a several others
  • The lawful signs a LTC holder needs to know
  • An overview of the LTC course topics and laws
  • An overview of where and how to sign up for your LTC
  • A range safety briefing
  • A chance to practice for the shooting test
  • And a chance to ask any questions of a certified LTC instructor

This is preparatory course and not the full LTC course. You will get a KSA certificate that entitles the student to receive $10.00 off the regular price for the KSA LTC course.  

This purchase is valid for any scheduled LTC Prep Course - NRA Basic Pistol class provided by Knox Shooting, with no expiration date.

If known, please email your intended date of attendance to


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