When leaders get better everyone wins. The quality of leadership within an organization or a community has a direct impact upon the quality of life enjoyed by the business' employees and citizens of the community. Leaders begin to think in new ways as they expand their skills and horizons. They communicate their vision to others and begin to marshal resources to implement that vision. Leaders make things happen. John C. Maxwell, a noted leadership expert, states: "Every human endeavor rises and falls on leadership." We can either step up as leaders to create positive change or we can sit idly by and watch the status quo deteriorate. Northeast Texas Community College is dedicated to the development and growth of our region's current and future leaders. In order to support current and potential leaders realize their leadership potential, we:

  • Plan and conduct regular and special leadership classes;
  • Publish and distribute periodic emails and newsletters on timely leadership topics;
  • Provide Customized Training and personal coaching/mentoring to improve leadership skills.