Mission & Goals

Health Informatics Specialist Program Mission

Northeast’s Health Informatics Specialist program is dedicated to educating and training entry level Health Information Specialists through the delivery of superior instruction, training, and services. Northeast’s core values support the health informatics specialist program mission by promoting excellence in all things, students as our priority, critical thinking, and integrity by example. 

Increasing student opportunities for access to health care programs such as health information specialists is not only the desire of Northeast’s community, but also the desire of program applicants and prospective employers. Applicants are encouraged to examine our Health Informatics Specialist program web pages for further information relative to program entry.


Program Goals

In order to prepare health informatics specialist students for certification and to meet their job requirements, our program has developed exceptional learning opportunities. Northeast’s Health Informatics Specialist program provides students with the following opportunities:

  1. The NTCC campus is a fully accredited campus with the SACSCOC (see Accreditation web page for further information).
  2. Learning through the use of current education methodologies and interactive learning platforms embedded in program curriculum designed for student evolution into professional, competent, entry-level medical coding specialists.
  3. Preparation for graduation from a level 1 certificate in Health Information Specialist promoting:
    1. Successful Completion of the CHIT-PW exam
    2. Successful Completion of the CHIT-IM exam
    3. Successful Completion of the CHIT-IS exam
    4. Successful Completion of the CHIT-TS exam
    5. Successful Completion of the CHIT-TR exam

For More Information Contact

Dr. Tawny Nix