Patient Simulators

Northeast Simulation Lab Advancing patient care by utilizing cutting-edge Simulation technology


Birthing Simulators

SimLab - Birthing Sim

Noelle and SimMom are full size female childbirth simulators. Both are designed to allow for a complete birthing experience before, during and after delivery. Simulations include normal birth, breech delivery and postpartum hemorrhage. SimMom includes touch screen patient monitor, a realistic airway, chest rise and fall, voice, breath and heart sounds.



SimMan Essential

SimLab - SimMan Essential

SimMan Essential is a full- size wireless adult patient simulator. SimMan is designed to have multiple skills/features for advanced clinical functionality. SimMan Essential includes a touch screen patient monitor to enhance the learning environment. This simulator is equipped with a realistic airway to facilitate learning and testing of airway events including bag-mask ventilation, intubation and cricothyrotomy. SimMan Essential also includes voice, breath, heart and bowel sounds. Other features include blinking eyes, IV arm, chest rise and fall, pulse palpitation, Foley catheterization, blood pressure measurement, defibrillation and pacing.



SimMan Original

SimLab - SimMan Original

The original SimMan is a full size adult patient with vocal sounds, pulse palpitation, IV arm, chest rise and fall, heart and lung sounds, and ECG monitoring. Learner can test defibrillation and catheterization skills. Utilization of both SimMan Original and SimMan Essential allows the lab to have a higher flexible functionality.



ALS Simulator

The Advanced Life Support full body adult patient simulator is used to simulate a wide variety of life-saving medical emergencies. This includes American Heart Association advanced cardiac life support scenarios. The ALS simulator is equipped with a wireless hand-held device for ease of use during learning or testing scenarios.



Sim Junior

SimJunior is a life size pediatric patient with vocal sounds, pulse palpitation, IV arm, chest rise and fall, heart and lung sounds, ECG monitoring, and patient Monitor.




SimLab - SimBaby

SimBaby is a full body, 6 month-old infant simulator that supports a wide range of functions. The SimBaby system includes a touch screen patient monitor and PALS scenarios to evaluate advanced life support skills. Some features and skills supported by SimBaby are normal, sunken and bulging fontanel, ventilation; intubation; tongue edema; variable visual respirations; ECG monitoring; vocal, heart, lung and bowel sounds; and defibrillation.