Standardized Patients

Looking for Standardized Patients!

We are looking for Standardized Patients to assist our Health Science programs.   Help our healthcare majors in honing their skills, refining advanced techniques, and learning valuable social interactive tools for delivering important news to patients. Standardized patients are vital for achieving the gold-standard in patient safety.

Our Standardized Patients are trained to formally portray a patient and act as a resource for instruction and training. Standardized Patients play many roles in advancing the provider-patient experience. In addition to providing experience in a clinical setting, Standardized Patients also take part in the evaluation process of students.

Scripts are given to include background information, symptoms, and conditions prior to seeing students and role-plays are done with relevant faculty.  Acting background may be helpful but is not necessary.

Sign up to be a Standardized Patient by completing Information Form. 

  • High School Diploma or GED required.   
  •  Able to communicate articulately and provide constructive feedback.  
  • Observe and remember learners’ behavior for accurately evaluating their competencies.
  •  Possess interpersonal skills for working with clinical learners.
  •  Able to read, memorize lines, and understand intent of scenarios. 
  • Flexible regarding scheduling and assignments.