Foundation Scholarships

Scholarships are crucial to students at NTCC. Economic hardship is one of the number one factors that keep people from attending college, and at NTCC we try to help as much as possible. Through the generosity of our community, we are able to provide many scholarships to deserving students each semester.



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Cyndie Amerson Honorary Nursing Scholarship (est.1999)
Amigos Latinos Al Servicios (ALAS) Scholarship (est. 2015)
Cleo Archer Memorial Scholarship (est. 2001)
Jim and Paula Archer Science Scholarship (est. 2000)
Robert Arellano Criminal Justice Scholarship (est. 2012)
Bob Baker Memorial Baseball Scholarship (est. 2014)
Alan Bernat Nursing Scholarship (est. 2000)
David R. Bernat Nursing Scholarship (est. 2000)
Joe and Marjorie Bernat Agriculture Scholarship (est. 2001)
Joe and Marjorie Bernat Biology Scholarship (est. 2005)
Joe and Marjorie Bernat Business/Accounting Scholarship (est. 2002)
Joe and Marjorie Bernat Computer Science Scholarship (est. 2000)
Joe and Marjorie Bernat Education Scholarship (est. 20??)
Joe and Marjorie Bernat Fine Arts Scholarship (est. 2000)
Joe and Marjorie Bernat Math Scholarship (est. 2001)
Joe and Marjorie Bernat Science Scholarship (est. 2000)
Price Bockmon Memorial Scholarship (2007)
Margie Bragg ADN Scholarship (est. 2014)
Margie Bragg LVN Scholarship (est. 2014)
L.W. & Hazel Bramlett Memorial Scholarship (est. 2008)
Betty Brock Nursing Scholarship (est. 1995)
John and Janet Bryan Morris County Scholarship
Matt Bynum Memorial Scholarships (est. 1992)
Camp County Unites for Education (est. 1994)
Dr. George H. Chambers Nursing Scholarship
E. Howard Cobb Scholarship (est. 2010)
Howard Lynn Cobb Veteran's Scholarship (est. 2010)
Juanita Bigger Cobb Scholarship (est. 2010)
Rupert and Phoebe Lou Cobb Memorial Scholarships (est. 1997)
Cody-Proctor Theatre Scholarship (est. 2006)
Johnnie Cohen Memorial Cosmetology Scholarship (est. 2012)
Coker Family Scholarship (est. 2013)
Mary Jane Coker Memorial Scholarship (est. 2013)
William A. and Lucy W. Connor Memorial Agriculture Scholarship (est. 2000)

Joel and Sally Conroy Titus County Scholarship (est. 2007)
Continuing Education Scholarship Fund
Verner Cornelius Scholarship (2015)
Dr. Ronald M. Cowan Memorial Morris County Scholarship
Scott Crain Memorial Scholarship (est. 1991)
Shirley Crane Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Ferris N. Crawford Memorial Scholarship (est. 1998)
Daniel Family Music Scholarship
W.D. Dunn Memorial Scholarship (est. 2000)
Richard E. and Joan Eckman Memorial ITTC Scholarship (est. 2012)
Faculty Senate Scholarships
Adam Ferris Memorial Morris County Scholarship
Fine Arts Club of Mt. Pleasant Scholarship
Charles and Sue Lynn Florio Baseball Scholarship (est. 2001)
Alfred & Ethel Fowler Morris County Scholarship
Friends of the Music Department Scholarship
Albert Funderburk Memorial Theatre Alumni Scholarship
Furr-Loving Memorial Scholarship
Irvin C. Gage, Jr. Memorial Agriculture Scholarship (est. 2015)
Lee & Evelyn Gray Music Scholarship
Greer Family Scholarship (est. 2015)
Scott and Ginger Griffin Memorial Scholarships (est. 1998)
Christine "Owsley" Hall Baseball Scholarships (est. 2004)
Charlie and Helen Hampton Education Morris County Scholarship
J.C. and Katie Hampton Morris County Scholarship (est. 2007)
J. Hugh and Gladys Harkrider Memorial Scholarship
Phineas and Shaney Hassell Nursing Scholarship (est. 1986)
Havenstrite Criminal Justice Scholarship (est. 2002)
Hearron Math/Science Education Scholarship
Hinson Ranch Scholarship
Elaine Hoppock Theatre Scholarship
Julia Hoppock Theatre Excellence Award
Lewis and Ina Hoppock Theatre Scholarship
Sherry Hoppock Theatre Scholarship
Pat Horn Memorial Scholarship (est. 1998)
International Sulphur Transfer Scholarships
J. Travis Jackson G.E.D. Scholarship
Bullard and Nan Johns Memorial Scholarship (est. 2001)
James Kafer Agriculture Scholarship
Dr. John S. Kennedy LVN Scholarship (est. 1996)
L.D. Landers/Veterans Association Memorial Scholarship
Thelma Lee Landers Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Tommy Lee Memorial Non-Traditional Scholarship (est. 2006)
Tommy Lee Memorial Pittsburg High School Scholarship (est. 2006)
Lion's Club of Pittsburg/Camp County Scholarships
Burt and Nancy Marans Memorial Scholarship (est. 2004)
Joe Don Mashburn Work Scholarship (est. 2014)
Evyone Matthews Memorial Nursing Scholarship (est. 2000)
McCauley/Visual Arts Scholarship (est. 1994)
Ewell W. and Bobby W. McClinton Honorary Scholarship (est. 1993)
McDaniel Family Morris County Scholarship
E.G. McMillan Family Morris County Scholarship (est. 1988)
William L. (Billy) Means Memorial Scholarship (est. 1987)
Michael and Nolan Memorial Scholarship (est. 2006)
Minadeo Nursing Scholarship (est. 1990)
"Miss Dorothy" Music Scholarship (est. 2004)
Morris County Community Scholarships
Morris-Philhower Scholarship
Mary Smith Morrison Endowed Scholarship (est. 1986)
Mt. Pleasant Community Fund Scholarship Program (est. 1985)
Randy Nobles Memorial Scholarship (est. 2007)
NTCC Agriculture Scholarship (est. 2008)
NTCC Bookstore Scholarship
NTCC Classified Staff Organization Scholarship
NTCC Eagles Baseball Scholarship (est. 2012)
NTCC Library Scholarship
NTCC Memorial Student Scholarship
Mary Bellatti and Robert Blunden Palmer Memorial Scholarship (est. 1994)
Sam and Norween Parker Memorial Scholarship
Justin Keith Peugh Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Pleasant Sams Chapter of the Good Sam Club Scholarship
B.E. Richey Memorial Math Scholarship (est. 1994)
H. Richard Romine Scholarship (est. 2000)
David and Noureen Ronchetto Morris County Scholarship
Dr. Reynaldo Sarmiento Nursing Scholarship
Scharlach/Wight Memorial Scholarship (est. 2000)
Katherine C. Seale Memorial Nursing Scholarship (est. 1997)
Frank Sexton Masonic Lodge #206 Scholarship (est. 2006)
Jim and Larue Shanahan Endowed Scholarship (est. 1985)
Carroll Shelby Automotive Technology Scholarships
Charles and Paulette Smith Morris County Scholarship
Danielle "Dani" Smith Memorial Nursing Scholarship (est. 2014)
Team Arise Scholarship (est. 2015)
Tennison United Methodist Women's Scholarship
Titus Regional Medical Center Auxiliary Scholarship
Jeana Turner Memorial Scholarship (est. 2002)
Twentieth Century Study Club Culinary Arts Scholarship
Twentieth Century Study Club Nursing Scholarship
Glen and Judy Weiss Morris County Scholarship
Florence J. Whatley Memorial Scholarship (est. 2000)
James and Elizabeth Whatley Employee Enhancement Fund (est. 2000)
James and Elizabeth Whatley Presidential Scholars Award (est. 2007)
James Royce Whatley Memorial Baseball Scholarship (est. 2007)
Ralph Whatley Agriculture Scholarship
Betty Whitlock Memorial Scholarship (est. 2012)
Paula Wilhite Honorary Scholarship
Willeford, Willeford & Callaway Agriculture Scholarship (est. 2010)
Gilbert C. Wilson Family Scholarship
Ruth Wilson-McMillan Memorial Scholarship
Gladys Winkle Memorial Art Scholarships (est. 1998)
Gladys Winkle Memorial Music Scholarships (est. 1998)
Woodmen of the World Scholarship
Work Scholarship Program
XYZ Club of Mt. Pleasant Scholarship