Check Out Process

Students are expected to check out of their dorm within 24 hours of their last final exam of the semester. In order to make the process as stress free as possible, please take the time to follow every step below, and as your RA if you have any questions. To properly check out, follow these steps:

  • Start packing early. Make sure you have enough boxes to pack everything in them. Loose items are tedious and take the longest to move.
  • Clean, clean, clean. Please visit the NTCC Residential Life YouTube channel for information regarding what is expected to be cleaned. The video to watch is in the playlist and titled “Check Out Procedure.” That video is from another college, but the expectations are the same. More information can be found in the NTCC Housing Policy.
  • Visit with your room and suite-mates and talk about the common areas in your room/suite. Those areas are the responsibility of everyone in the room/suite, and if they are dirty or cluttered after everyone moves out, everyone in the room/suite is responsible for the fines. Please visit with your room/suite-mates about this area of your space and work out the details before checking out.
  • After everything is out of the room, and the room has been cleaned according to the Check Out Procedure video, call your RA to make arrangements to check out. The RA numbers are below:
    • RHE (903) 285-8805
    • RHW (903) 380-0815
      • Please know that RAs are students too, so they might not be ready at the very moment you call them. Plan ahead by calling the number and figuring out a time that both of you are available.
      • The RA will locate and bring the check-in form you filled out when you moved in. The RA fills it out this time and will give you a copy of the form. This is when it’s very important to have everything extra clean so the RA will not have to mark anything as changed from when you moved in.
  • After checking out with the RA, and giving them your key/keys, have a great summer!

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