Fall 2020 Move-In Procedures

Once you have received your room assignment, please schedule your move in (August 17th-21st) appointment by email: alawson@ntcc.edu


Dorm Move-In

  1. At all times, students and staff will maintain at least 6 feet separation from other individuals (social distancing) while on campus property and in the buildings, unless using a face covering or mask.
    1. Other measures such as face covering, hand hygiene, cough etiquette, cleanliness, sanitation and donning appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be rigorously practiced.
  2. Dorm move-in will be by appointment only.  This will help limit the number of people in common areas and hallways.  Students, staff and other building occupants will be asked a set of health screening questions and have their temperature taken prior to initial entry of a dormitory facility.  The line-up for the screenings will include social distancing of 6 feet between those waiting in line.
    1. If temperature is not within normal limits, the student will be asked to leave the facility and encouraged to self-quarantine.
    2. If temperature is found to be normal the student will be allowed into the building.
    3. If needed, thermometers will be disinfected with wipes and sanitizer in preparation for next student.
    4. Food service (lunch and dinner) will be available during move-in week, free of charge.  
  3. Students and staff will wear face masks at all times when social distancing protocols cannot be met (either outside or within building).  
  4. Students will be limited to 2 guests during their move-in period.  


NOTE: Please visit www.ntcc.edu/covid-19 for the most recent updates regarding NTCC's response to COVID-19 (Cornavirus)

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