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Culinary Arts at NTCC


Courses & Descriptions

CHEF 1301 Basic Food Preparation
A study of the fundamental principles of food preparation and cookery to include Brigade System, cooking techniques, material handling, heat transfer, sanitation, safety, nutrition, and professionalism.

CHEF 2301 Intermediate Food Preparation
Continuation of previous food preparation course. Topics include the concept of pre-cooked food items, as well as scratch preparation. Covers full range of food preparation techniques.
Pre-requisite: CHEF 1301

CHEF 2332 Buffet Theory and Production

Advanced concepts in the construction of inedible display items. Emphasis on buffet production, presentation, and service.
Pre-requisite: CHEF 2301, CHEF 1305

CHEF 1341 American Regional Cuisine
A study of the development of regional cuisine in the United States with emphasis on the similarities in production and service systems. Application of skills to develop, organize, and build a portfolio of recipe strategies and production systems.
Pre-requisite: CHEF 2332, CHEF 1305

CHEF 1345 International Cuisine
The study of classical cooking skills associated with the preparation and service of international and ethnic cuisine's. Topics include similarities between food production systems used in the United States and other regions of the world.
Pre-requisite: CHEF 2332, CHEF 1305

CHEF 1310 Garde Manger
A study of specialty foods and garnishes. Emphasis on design, techniques, and display of fine foods.
Pre-requisite: CHEF 1345, CHEF 1341, CHEF 1305

RSTO 1304 Dining Room Services
Introduces the principles, concepts, and systems of professional table service. Topics include dining room organization, scheduling, and management of food service personnel.
Pre-requisite: CHEF 1305

PSTR 1401 Fundamentals of Baking
Fundamentals of baking including dough, quick breads, pies, cakes, cookies, tarts, and doughnuts. Instruction in flours, fillings, and ingredients. Topics include baking terminology, tool and equipment use, formula conversions, functions of ingredients, and the evaluation of baked products.
Pre-requisite: CHEF 1205

PSTR 2331 Advanced Pastry Shop

A study of classical desserts, French and international pastries, hot and cold desserts, ice creams and ices, chocolate work, and decorations. Emphasis on advanced techniques. Pre-requisite: PSTR 1401

PSTR 1340 Plated Desserts
Preparation and service of hot and cold desserts with a focus on individual desserts, a la minute preparations, and numerous components within one preparation. Emphasis on station organization, timing, and service coordination for restaurant dessert production.
Pre-requisite: PSTR 1301

RSTO 2307 Catering
Principles, techniques, and applications for both on-premises, off-premises, and group marketing of catering operations including food preparation, holding, and transporting techniques.
Pre-requisite: CHEF 1310, CHEF 1301

CHEF 1205 Safety and Sanitation
A study of personal cleanliness; sanitary practices in food preparation; causes, investigation, control of illness caused by food contamination (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points); and work place safety standards.

IFWA 1310 Nutrition and Menu Planning
Application of principles of nutrition in planning menus for the food service industry.

RSTO 2301 Principles of Food and Beverage Control
A study of financial principles and controls of food service operation including review of operation policies and procedures. Topics include financial budgeting and cost analysis emphasizing food and beverage labor costs, operational analysis, and international and regulatory reporting procedures.

HAMG 1324 Hospitality in Human Resources Management
Principles and procedures of human resource management in the hospitality industry.

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