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Course CodeCourse TitleDepartment
ABDR 1315Vehicle Trim and HardwareWorkforce
ABDR 1331Basic RefinishingWorkforce
ABDR 1349Auto Plastic/Sheet Molded Comp RepaWorkforce
ABDR 1391SpTpc: Custom Fabrication & PaintWorkforce
ABDR 1419Basic Metal RepairWorkforce
ABDR 1455Non-Structural Metal RepairWorkforce
ABDR 1458Intermediate RefinishingWorkforce
ABDR 1459Sheet Metal Fabrication IWorkforce
ABDR 2353Color Analysis & Paint MatchingWorkforce
ABDR 2441Major Collision Repair/Panel ReplacWorkforce
ACCT 2301Principles of Accounting IWorkforce
ACCT 2302Principles of Accounting IIWorkforce
AGAH 1371Grass-fed Livestock ProductionWorkforce
AGAH 1447Animal ReproductionWorkforce
AGCR 1393SpTp: Plant Protection-Int Pest MgtWorkforce
AGEQ 1411Equine ScienceWorkforce
AGMG 2286Internship-Ag Bus & Mgmt, GeneralWorkforce
AGMG 2371Small Farm Business PlanningWorkforce
AGMG 2380Coop Ed-Ag Bus/MgtWorkforce
AGRI 1107Agronomy LabWorkforce
AGRI 1115Horticulture labWorkforce
AGRI 1119Introductory Animal Science LabWorkforce
AGRI 1131Agriculture IndustryWorkforce
AGRI 1307AgronomyWorkforce
AGRI 1315General HorticultureWorkforce
AGRI 1319Introductory Animal ScienceWorkforce
AGRI 1325Marketing Of Agriculture ProductsWorkforce
AGRI 1329Principles of Food ScienceWorkforce
AGRI 1415HorticultureWorkforce
AGRI 1419Introductory Animal ScienceWorkforce
AGRI 2303Agricultural ConstructionWorkforce
AGRI 2317Intro Agricultural EconomicsWorkforce
AGRI 2321Livestock Evaluation IWorkforce
AGRI 2330Wildlife & Conservation ManagementWorkforce
ANTH 2351Cultural AnthropologyArts & Sciences
ARTS 1301Intro To Art AppreciationArts & Sciences
ARTS 1311Design IArts & Sciences
ARTS 1312Design IIArts & Sciences
ARTS 1316Drawing IArts & Sciences
ARTS 1317Drawing IIArts & Sciences
ARTS 2348Digital MediaArts & Sciences
ARTS 2356Photography (Fine Arts Emphasis)Arts & Sciences
AUMT 1201Intro/Theory of Auto TechnologyWorkforce
AUMT 1249Automotive Electronics TheoryWorkforce
AUMT 1257Automotive Brake Systems TheoryWorkforce
AUMT 1307Auto Electrical SystemsWorkforce
AUMT 1316Auto Suspension & Steering SystemsWorkforce
AUMT 1345Auto Climate Control SystemsWorkforce
AUMT 1410Auto Brake SystemsWorkforce
AUMT 1419Automotive Engine Repair IIWorkforce
AUMT 2305Auto Engine TheoryWorkforce
AUMT 2317Auto Engine Performance Analysis IWorkforce
AUMT 2334Automotive Engine Perf Analysis IIWorkforce
AUMT 2388Internship-Auto Technology TechWorkforce
AUMT 2413Auto Drive Train/AxlesWorkforce
AUMT 2421Automotive Elect Diagnosis & RepairWorkforce
AUMT 2425Auto Automatic Trans/TransaxleWorkforce
BCIS 1305Business Computer ApplicationsWorkforce
BIOL 1322NutritionArts & Sciences
BIOL 1406General Biology IArts & Sciences
BIOL 1407General Biology IIArts & Sciences
BIOL 1408Intro Biology I (Non-Majors)Arts & Sciences
BIOL 1409Intro Biology 2 (Non-Majors)-SYNCArts & Sciences
BIOL 2316GeneticsArts & Sciences
BIOL 2320Microbiology for Non-majors (FS)Health Science
BIOL 2401Anatomy And Physiology I-SYNCArts & Sciences
BIOL 2402Anatomy And Physiology II-SYNCArts & Sciences
BIOL 2404Survey of Anatomy and PhysiologyArts & Sciences
BIOL 2420Microbiology-SYNCArts & Sciences
BIOL 2421Microbiology for Science MajorsArts & Sciences
BMGT 1305Communications in ManagementWorkforce
BMGT 1341Business EthicsWorkforce
BMGT 2309LeadershipWorkforce
BMGT 2341Strategic ManagementWorkforce
BMGT 2382Cooperative Education IWorkforce
BMGT 2383Coop Ed II-Bus Adm & MgtWorkforce
BUSI 1301Business Principles-HYFLWorkforce
BUSI 1307Personal FinanceWorkforce
BUSI 2301Business LawWorkforce
CBFM 2317Mechanical MaintenanceWorkforce
CHEF 1205Sanitation & SafetyWorkforce
CHEF 1301Basic Food PreparationWorkforce
CHEF 1310Garde MangerWorkforce
CHEF 1341American Regional CuisineWorkforce
CHEF 1345international CuisineWorkforce
CHEF 2301Interm Food PreparationWorkforce
CHEF 2332Buffet Theory & ProductionWorkforce
CHEM 1405Introductory Chemistry IArts & Sciences
CHEM 1406Intro Chemistry I-Allied Hlth EmpArts & Sciences
CHEM 1407Introductory Chemistry IIArts & Sciences
CHEM 1411General Chemistry I-SYNCArts & Sciences
CHEM 1412General Chemistry IIArts & Sciences
CHEM 2423Organic Chemistry IArts & Sciences
CHEM 2425Organic Chemistry IIArts & Sciences
CHLT 1342Community Health Field MethodsHealth Science
CHLT 1366Community Health PracticeHealth Science
CHLT 1367Community Health Practice IIHealth Science
COMM 1307Introduction To Mass CommunicationsArts & Sciences
COMM 2311Media WritingArts & Sciences
COMM 2389Acad Cooperative - CommunicationsArts & Sciences
COSC 1301Microcomputer ApplicationsWorkforce
COSC 1315Fund of Programming JAVAWorkforce
COSC 1336Programming Fundamentals IWorkforce
COSC 1337Programming Fundamentals IIWorkforce
COSC 2336Programming Fundamentals IIIWorkforce
CRIJ 1301Intro Criminal JusticeWorkforce
CRIJ 1306Court Systems and PracticesWorkforce
CRIJ 1307Crime in AmericaWorkforce
CRIJ 1310Fundamentals Of Criminal LawWorkforce
CRIJ 2313Correctional Sys & PracticesWorkforce
CRIJ 2314Criminal InvestigationWorkforce
CRIJ 2323Legal Aspects Of Law EnforcementWorkforce
CRIJ 2328Police Systems And PracticesWorkforce
CSME 1401Orientation to CosmetologyWorkforce
CSME 1405Fundamentals of CosmetologyWorkforce
CSME 1410Intro Haircutting & Related TheoryWorkforce
CSME 1453Chemical Reformation/Related TheoryWorkforce
CSME 1534Cosm Instructor IWorkforce
CSME 2401Prin of Hair Coloring/TechWorkforce
CSME 2410Adv Haircut/Related TheoryWorkforce
CSME 2439Advanced Hair DesignWorkforce
CSME 2441Prep Texas Cosm Comm ExamWorkforce
CSME 2449Cosmetology Instructor IIIWorkforce
CSME 2514Cosmetology Instructor IIWorkforce
DFTG 1309Basic Computer-Aided DraftingWorkforce
DFTG 1325Blue Print Reading & SketchingWorkforce
ECON 2301Prin Of Macroeconomics-HYFLWorkforce
ECON 2302Prin Of Microeconomics-HYFLWorkforce
EDUC 1300Learning FrameworkArts & Sciences
EDUC 1301Introduction to EducationArts & Sciences
EDUC 2301Introduction to Special PopulationsArts & Sciences
ELPT 1311Basic Electrical TheoryWorkforce
ELPT 1315Electrical Calculations IWorkforce
ELPT 1319Fund of Electricity IWorkforce
ELPT 1320Fund of Electricity IIWorkforce
ELPT 1325National Electrical Code IWorkforce
ELPT 1329Residential WiringWorkforce
ELPT 1341Motor ControlWorkforce
ELPT 1345Commercial WiringWorkforce
ELPT 1357Industrial WiringWorkforce
ELPT 2319Programmable Logic Controllers IWorkforce
ELPT 2355Programmable Logic Controllers IIWorkforce
EMSP 1164EMT Basic PracticumHealth Science
EMSP 1165Paramedic Practicum IHealth Science
EMSP 1166Paramedic Practicum IIHealth Science
EMSP 1338Intro to Advanced PracticeHealth Science
EMSP 1356Pt Assmt & Airway MgtHealth Science
EMSP 1501EMT-BasicHealth Science
EMSP 2266EMS PracticumHealth Science
EMSP 2306Emergency PharmacologyHealth Science
EMSP 2330Special PopulationsHealth Science
EMSP 2434Medical EmergenciesHealth Science
EMSP 2444CardiologyHealth Science
ENGL 1301English Composition I-HYFLArts & Sciences
ENGL 1302English Composition II-HYFLArts & Sciences
ENGL 2307Creative WritingArts & Sciences
ENGL 2311Technical & Business Writing-HYFLArts & Sciences
ENGL 2321British LiteratureArts & Sciences
ENGL 2322British Literature IArts & Sciences
ENGL 2323British Literature IIArts & Sciences
ENGL 2326American LiteratureArts & Sciences
ENGL 2332World Literature IArts & Sciences
ENGR 1201Intro to EngineeringArts & Sciences
ENGR 2301Engr Mechanics I (Statics)Arts & Sciences
ENGR 2302Engr Mechanics II: DynamicsArts & Sciences
GEOG 1301Physical GeographyArts & Sciences
GEOG 1303World Regional GeographyArts & Sciences
GEOL 1301Earth Science I for Non-MajorsArts & Sciences
GEOL 1302Earth Science II for Non-MajorsArts & Sciences
GERM 1411Beginning German IArts & Sciences
GERM 1412Beginning German IIArts & Sciences
GOVT 2305Federal Government-HYFLArts & Sciences
GOVT 2306Texas Government-HYFLArts & Sciences
HALT 2321Small FarmingWorkforce
HIST 1301US History IArts & Sciences
HIST 1302US History II-HYFLArts & Sciences
HIST 2301Survey Of Texas HistoryArts & Sciences
HIST 2321World Civilization IArts & Sciences
HIST 2322World Civilization IIArts & Sciences
HIST 2389Acad Cooperative - HistoryArts & Sciences
HITT 1301Health Data Content & StructureHealth Science
HITT 1342Ambulatory CodingHealth Science
HITT 1441Coding and Classification SystemsHealth Science
HPRS 1101Intro to Health ProfessionsHealth Science
HPRS 1105Essential of Medical Law/EthicsHealth Science
HPRS 1106Essentials of Medical TerminologyHealth Science
HPRS 2200Pharmacology for Health ProfessionsHealth Science
HRPO 2301Human Resources ManagementWorkforce
HUMA 1301Introduction to Humanities IArts & Sciences
HUMA 1302Introduction to Humanities IIArts & Sciences
HYDR 1345Hydraulics & PneumaticsWorkforce
HYDR 2330Fluid Power System DesignWorkforce
IFWA 1310Nutrition/Menu PlanningWorkforce
IMED 1316Web Page Design IWorkforce
INMT 1305Intro Industrial MaintenanceWorkforce
INMT 2301Machinery InstallationWorkforce
INMT 2345Industrial TroubleshootingWorkforce
INMT 2388Internship - Mfg Technol/TechnicianWorkforce
INRW 0302Integrated Reading & Writing IIArts & Sciences
INRW 0311Inte Read/Write Co-Req-HYFLArts & Sciences
INTC 1357AC/DC Motor ControlWorkforce
ITNW 1325Fund of Networking TechnologiesWorkforce
ITNW 1337Intro to the InternetWorkforce
ITNW 1351Fundamentals of Wireless LANsWorkforce
ITNW 1354Implementing & Administer ServersWorkforce
ITNW 2312RoutersWorkforce
ITSC 1307UNIX Operating System IWorkforce
ITSC 1321Interm PC Operating SystemsWorkforce
ITSC 1325Personal Computer HardwareWorkforce
ITSC 2321Integrated Software Applications IIWorkforce
ITSC 2335Application Problem SolvingWorkforce
ITSC 2386Internship-Comp & Inform ScienceWorkforce
ITSW 1307Introduction to DatabaseWorkforce
ITSW 1310Presentation Media SoftwareWorkforce
ITSY 1342Information Technology SecurityWorkforce
ITSY 2301Firewalls and Network SecurityWorkforce
ITSY 2343Computer System ForensicsWorkforce
MATH 0114Foundations of College AlgebraArts & Sciences
MATH 0124Foundations of Finite MathematicsArts & Sciences
MATH 0132Foundations of Quant ReasoningArts & Sciences
MATH 0142Foundations of Intro StatisticsArts & Sciences
MATH 0200Co-Req: Fdns of Mathematical ReasonArts & Sciences
MATH 0404Foundations of Mathematical ReasoniArts & Sciences
MATH 1314College AlgebraArts & Sciences
MATH 1316College TrigonometryArts & Sciences
MATH 1324Finite MathematicsArts & Sciences
MATH 1325Business CalculusArts & Sciences
MATH 1332Quantitative ReasoningArts & Sciences
MATH 1342Introductory Statistics - "H"Arts & Sciences
MATH 1350Mathematics for Teachers IArts & Sciences
MATH 1351Mathematics for Teachers IIArts & Sciences
MATH 2312Pre-CalculusArts & Sciences
MATH 2318Linear AlgebraArts & Sciences
MATH 2320Differential EquationsArts & Sciences
MATH 2412Pre-Calculus-SYNCArts & Sciences
MATH 2413Calculus IArts & Sciences
MATH 2414Calculus IIArts & Sciences
MATH 2415Calculus IIIArts & Sciences
MCHN 2303Fundamentals of CNC Machine ControlWorkforce
MCHN 2334Operation of CNC Machining CtrsWorkforce
MDCA 1205Medical Law & EthicsHealth Science
MDCA 1254Certified Med Assisting Exam ReviewHealth Science
MDCA 1302Human Disease/PathophysiologyHealth Science
MDCA 1309Anatomy/Physiology Medical AsstsHealth Science
MDCA 1313Medical TerminologyHealth Science
MDCA 1317Procedures in a Clinical Setting IHealth Science
MDCA 1343Medical InsuranceHealth Science
MDCA 1348Pharmacology & Admin of MedsHealth Science
MDCA 1352Med Asst Laboratory ProceduresHealth Science
MDCA 1360Clinical-Med AssistantHealth Science
MDCA 1361Clinical-Medical/Clinical AsstHealth Science
MDCA 1362Clinical-Med/Clinical AssistantHealth Science
MDCA 1417Procedures in a Clinical Setting IIHealth Science
MDCA 1421Administrative ProceduresHealth Science
MLAB 1127CoagulationHealth Science
MLAB 1201Intro Clinical Lab ScienceHealth Science
MLAB 1211Urinalysis/Body FluidsHealth Science
MLAB 1231Parasitology/MycologyHealth Science
MLAB 1235Immunology/SerologyHealth Science
MLAB 1315HematologyHealth Science
MLAB 2331ImmunohematologyHealth Science
MLAB 2401Clinical ChemistryHealth Science
MLAB 2434Microbiology (MLAB)Health Science
MLAB 2461Clinical I for Med Lab TechnologyHealth Science
MRKG 1311Principles of MarketingWorkforce
MRTS 1191SpTp in Funeral Serv/Mortuary SciHealth Science
MRTS 1225ThanatochemistryHealth Science
MRTS 1271Funeral Service State Board PreparaHealth Science
MRTS 1272Funeral Service Arts Board PreparatHealth Science
MRTS 1273Funeral Service Science Board PrepHealth Science
MRTS 1286Internship:Funeral Svc/Mort ScienceHealth Science
MRTS 1301Contemporary Funeral Service PractiHealth Science
MRTS 1320Crematory OperationsHealth Science
MRTS 1330Funeral Service Internship OrientatHealth Science
MRTS 1342Mortuary Management IHealth Science
MRTS 2231Human AnatomyHealth Science
MRTS 2244Technical Procedures IHealth Science
MRTS 2335Mortuary JurisprudenceHealth Science
MRTS 2342Mortuary Management IIHealth Science
MRTS 2447Technical Procedures IIHealth Science
MUSI 1306Music AppreciationArts & Sciences
NUPC 1260Clinical - Patient Care AssistantHealth Science
NUPC 1420Patient Care TechnicianHealth Science
NURA 1401Nurse Aide for HealthcareHealth Science
NURA 1407Body SystemsHealth Science
PHED 1112Weight Training/Aerobic ActivityArts & Sciences
PHED 1114Weight TrainingArts & Sciences
PHED 1117Body ConditioningArts & Sciences
PHED 1124Soccer I - WomenArts & Sciences
PHED 1125Beginning RodeoArts & Sciences
PHED 1126Intermediate RodeoArts & Sciences
PHED 1127Advanced RodeoArts & Sciences
PHED 1128Pre-Professional RodeoArts & Sciences
PHED 1130Baseball IArts & Sciences
PHED 1131Baseball IIArts & Sciences
PHED 1133Baseball IVArts & Sciences
PHED 1134Walking/JoggingArts & Sciences
PHED 1143Softball IIArts & Sciences
PHED 1145Softball IVArts & Sciences
PHED 1164Wellness For A LifetimeArts & Sciences
PHED 1301Foundations Of KinesiologyHealth Science
PHED 1304Health EducationArts & Sciences
PHED 1306First AidHealth Science
PHED 1338Concepts of Physical FitnessHealth Science
PHED 2356Care/Prevention of Athletic InjurieHealth Science
PHIL 1301Introduction To Philosophy-SYNCArts & Sciences
PHIL 2306Introduction to Ethics-SYNCArts & Sciences
PHYS 1103Stars & Galaxies LabArts & Sciences
PHYS 1104Solar System LabArts & Sciences
PHYS 1303Stars & GalaxiesArts & Sciences
PHYS 1304Solar SystemArts & Sciences
PHYS 1401General Physics IArts & Sciences
PHYS 1402General Physics IIArts & Sciences
PHYS 1415Introduction To Physical Science IArts & Sciences
PHYS 2005Adv Physics I-LABArts & Sciences
PHYS 2006Adv Phys II-labArts & Sciences
PHYS 2425Advanced Physics IArts & Sciences
PHYS 2426Advanced Physics IIArts & Sciences
PSTR 1340Plated DessertsWorkforce
PSTR 1401Fundamentals of BakingWorkforce
PSTR 2431Advanced Pastry ShopWorkforce
PSYC 2301Introduction to Psychology-HYFLArts & Sciences
PSYC 2306Human SexualityArts & Sciences
PSYC 2314Lifespan Growth/Development-SYNCArts & Sciences
PSYC 2319Social Psychology-SYNCArts & Sciences
PSYT 1325Death and DyingHealth Science
PTHA 1301Profession of Physical TherapyHealth Science
PTHA 1321Pathophysiology for the PTAHealth Science
PTHA 1405Basic Patient Care SkillsHealth Science
PTHA 1413Functional AnatomyHealth Science
PTHA 1531Physical AgentsHealth Science
PTHA 2266Practicum IIHealth Science
PTHA 2267Practicum IIIHealth Science
PTHA 2301Essentials of Data CollectionHealth Science
PTHA 2339Professional IssuesHealth Science
PTHA 2509Therapeutic ExerciseHealth Science
PTHA 2535Rehabilitation TechniquesHealth Science
RBTC 1341Vision SystemsWorkforce
RBTC 2345Robot Application, Set-up & TestingWorkforce
RNSG 1125Professional Nursing Concepts IHealth Science
RNSG 1126Professional Nursing Concepts IIHealth Science
RNSG 1128Intro to Health Care ConceptsHealth Science
RNSG 1137Professional Nursing Concepts IIIHealth Science
RNSG 1160Clinical IHealth Science
RNSG 1216Professional Nursing CompetenciesHealth Science
RNSG 1301PharmacologyHealth Science
RNSG 1311Pathophysiology - FS EmphHealth Science
RNSG 1430Health Care Concepts IHealth Science
RNSG 1533Health Care Concepts IIHealth Science
RNSG 1538Health Care Concepts IIIHealth Science
RNSG 2138Professional Nursing Concepts IVHealth Science
RNSG 2361Clinical IVHealth Science
RNSG 2362Clinical IIHealth Science
RNSG 2363Clinical IIIHealth Science
RNSG 2539Health Care Concepts IV - NightHealth Science
RSTO 1204Dining Room ServiceWorkforce
RSTO 2307CateringWorkforce
SCIT 1391Special Topics in AnatomyHealth Science
SOCI 1301Introductory SociologyArts & Sciences
SOCI 1306Social ProblemsArts & Sciences
SOCI 2301Marriage & FamilyArts & Sciences
SOCW 2361Introduction to Social WorkArts & Sciences
SOCW 2362Soc Welfare:Legis, Progs & SvcsArts & Sciences
SOCW 2389Academic Cooperative - Social WorkArts & Sciences
SPAN 1411Spanish IArts & Sciences
SPAN 1412Spanish IIArts & Sciences
SPCH 1315Public SpeakingArts & Sciences
SPCH 1321Business & Professional SpeakingArts & Sciences
VNSG 1162Clinical-Maternal/NewbornHealth Science
VNSG 1163Clinical-PediatricsHealth Science
VNSG 1260Clinical-Medical Surg IHealth Science
VNSG 1261Clinical-Medical Surg IIHealth Science
VNSG 1304Foundations of NursingHealth Science
VNSG 1330Maternal Neonatal NursingHealth Science
VNSG 1334Pediatric NursingHealth Science
VNSG 1429Medical-Surgical Nurs IHealth Science
VNSG 1432Medical-Surgical Nursing IIHealth Science
VNSG 1502Applied Nursing SkillsHealth Science
WLDG 1412Intro Flux Cored Arc WeldingWorkforce
WLDG 1417Intro to Layout and FabricationWorkforce
WLDG 1421Welding FundamentalsWorkforce
WLDG 1425Intro Oxy/Fuel Welding & CuttingWorkforce
WLDG 1428Intro Shielded Metal Arc WeldingWorkforce
WLDG 1430Intr to Gas Metal Arc (MIG) WeldingWorkforce
WLDG 1434Intr Gas Tungsten Arc (TIG) WeldingWorkforce
WLDG 1435Intro to Pipe WeldingWorkforce
WLDG 1457Intm Shielded Metal Arc Wldg (SMAW)Workforce
WLDG 2380Coop Ed-Welder/Welding TechnologyWorkforce
WLDG 2453Advanced Pipe WeldingWorkforce
XITRACSXitracs System User