Preparation for BIMS

If this is your future, there are some key things to keep in mind to prepare you for this program:

  1. High school science and math courses are important, particularly in the junior and senior years. Advanced placement courses, if offered, are strongly recommended. Students should also consider dual credit courses and concurrent enrollment at NTCC.
  2. The Biomedical Science degree program calls for taking Calculus I during your stay at NTCC, generally in the freshman year, so prepare yourself by taking your school’s math course work through pre-calculus. Calculus, if offered at your high school, would also be useful.
  3. Required college math and science courses should be taken at NTCC since the articulation agreement between NTCC and the Biomedical Science Program at Texas A&M is very specific. Already out of high school? You can still be successful in the BIMS program at NTCC.

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