College courses can be tough. Getting help from a tutor is easy.

Northeast Texas is dedicated to providing quality group tutoring for various courses. Tutorials are scheduled outside of class time and they are led by trained student tutors. All tutorials and workshops are free to Northeast Texas students. Each group is led by a qualified peer tutor, and meet at a consistent day and time.


Zoom Tutoring Room

Any Writing Assignment
Brandon Pettey
Available Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 9am - 1pm
Tuesday & Thursdays 1pm - 5pm

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Any Subject
Chesney Davis
Available Monday - Thursday - 3pm - 5pm

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Omar Garza
Available Monday - Thursday 1:30pm - 3pm, 5pm - 6pm
Fridays 8am - 12pm

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Additional Support

Students waiting for a tutor have many options

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If you have a question regarding Tutoring Services look over our Frequently Asked Questions. For all other inquiries, please call or email our Student Success offices or contact staff directly.