NTCC 2+2 Articulation Agreement with TAMU

Northeast Texas Community College is one of a dozen two year institutions with a cooperative, 2 + 2 articulation agreement with Texas A&M, College Station. This agreement provides a seamless transition from NTCC into the Biomedical Science Program (BIMS) in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M. Academic transfer of coursework and admission to the BIMS program at Texas A&M is facilitated.


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Biomedical Science, AS

Some Exciting Careers Biology Can Prepare You For:

Health Care—physicians, dentists, physical therapists, nurses, clinical medicine, optometrist
Research—microbiologist, biotechnician, pharmacist, geneticist, forensic scientist
Animal or plant sciences—veterinarian, agriculture, zoo biologist
Environment and conservation—park ranger, ecologist
Education—high school biology teacher, elementary or middle school science teacher



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