Campus Directory

Main Campus:     903-434-8100
Toll Free:     800-870-0142
Fax:     903-572-6712

Mailing Address:       P.O. Box 1307, Mt. Pleasant, TX 75456-1307
Physical Address:     2886 FM 1735 Chapel Hill Road Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455



Department Directory

 Adult Education  903-434-8341 or 903-434-8234
 Admissions  903-434-8122
 Advising  903-434-8190
 Athletics  903-434-8176
 Business Office  903-434-8103
 Cafeteria  903-434-8200
 Career and Transfer Center  903-434-8311
 College Recruiter  903-434-8192
 College Store  903-434-8150
 Communities in Schools (CIS)  903-434-8212 or 903-434-8215
 Computer Services  903-434-8140
 Continuing Education  903-434-8134
 Cosmetology  903-434-8209
 Developmental Education  903-434-8281
 Distance Education  903-434-8257
 Dual Credit  903-434-8257
 Financial Aid  903-434-8132
 Food Pantry, The Eagle 903-434-8307
 Foundation  903-434-8113
 Great Western Dining Food Service  903-434-8200
 Hanson-Sewell Center  903-434-8393
 Human Resources  903-434-8141
 Jo's Coffee 903-434-8135
 Industrial Technology Training Center  903-434-8390
 Library  903-434-8151
 Lost & Found  903-434-8265
 Naples-Omaha Center  903-897-2935
 Our Place (culinary arts)  903-856-7000
 Public Information  903-434-8114
 Registrar  903-434-8139
 Security  903-434-8127
 Small Business Development Center  903-434-8237
 Special Populations  903-434-8218
 Student Activities  903-434-8265
 Student Housing  903-434-8176
 Student Success Services  903-434-8123
 Testing Center  903-434-8273 or 903-434-8272
 Texas A&M at NTCC  903-434-8357
 The Eagle (Student paper)  903-434-8232
 Upward Bound  903-434-8219
 Whatley Center Box Office  903-434-8181



Employee Directory

Employee Phone Email Department Title
Acuna Martinez, Jasmin 903-575-2057 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Adkins, Amy 903-434-8121 Human Resources Executive Director of Human Resources
Albertson, Ian 903-434-8168 Residential Life Director of Residential Life
Allen, Janice 903-434-8158 Library Services Library Technical Services Coordinator
Allen, Marlin (Rex) 903-434-8235 Government Professor of Government
Allen, Roxie 903-434-8393 Hanson Sewell Secretary
Alvarez, Ray 903-577-1146 x102 Communities In Schools CIS Mentor
Andrews, Karen 903-434-8224 Business & Technology Professor of Business
Anthony, Delbra 903-434-8255 Instruction, Title V Secretary to Humanities/Administrative Assistant for Title V
Bailey, Elizabeth Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Faculty
Baker, Austin 903-434-8279 Student Success, Title V, Computer Services Online Help Desk/ Virtual One-Stop Specialist
Barrett, Gaylon 903-434-8250 Medical Lab Technology Director & Professor of Medical Laboratory Technology
Barron, Sebastian 903-434-8260 Computer Services Director of Computer and Enterprise Services
Beasley, Logan 903-434-8244 Computer Services, Title V PC/Network Support Technician
Beasley, Sintique 903-434-8220 Upward Bound Upward Bound Coordinator
Beason, Richard (Doug) 903-434-8312 Agriculture Farm Manager
Birdsong, Dr. Elena 903-434-8308 Biology Professor of Biology
Bise, Adam 903-434-8262 Computer Services Senior Systems Administrator
Blair, Dylan 903-537-9538 Outreach Services CIS Coordinator
Bowden, Ron 903-434-8163 Library Services Director of Library Services
Brannon, April 903-434-8131 Health Sciences Division Instructor of Medical Assisting
Brown, Chrystal 903-434-8302 Nursing Professor of Nursing
Calderon, Ulises 903-434-8233 Computer Services PC/Network Technician
Calhoun, Savannah 903-434-8315 Funeral Services Program Instructor of Funeral Services
Campbell, Katie 903-434-8187 Continuing Education & Corporate Training Corporate and Community Education Advisor
Carrington, Brittany Funeral Services Funeral Service Education Instructor
Carter, Alan 903-434-8309 Accounting Professor of Accounting
Cave, Brandi 903-434-8103 Business Office Controller
Clark, Amanda CIS Coordinator
Clifton, Margarette 903-434-8118 Business Office Head Cashier / Accounts Receivable Specialist II
Clinton, Dr. Ron 903-434-8101 President's Office President
Cole, Tammy 903-434-8371 Nursing Professor of Nursing
Collins, Kevin 903-204-5112 Plant Services Assistant Director of Plant Services/Water Tech
Colwell, Haley Athletics Head Softball Coach
Contreras, Carlos Athletics Assistant Baseball Coach/Housing Director
Craig, Stefani 903-572-8096 x 104 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Crocker, Misty 903-884-2293 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Daniel, Andrew 903-434-8185 Music, Honors Program Professor of Music, Division Chair for Performing & Creative Arts
Davis, Brant Funeral Services Funeral Service Education Instructor
Davis, Cali 903-434-8147 Advising College Navigator
Davis, Ross 903-434-8171 Athletics 1st Assistant Baseball Coach/Assistant Housing Director
Davis, Tim 903-434-8385 Industrial Technology Industrial Technology Instructor
Del Carmen, Maritza Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Denman, Charla 903-434-8282 Health Sciences Division Professor of Nursing
Dickeson, Melissa 903-434-8120 Human Resources Sr. HR Generalist
Dietze, Jill 903-434-8231 Speech Assistant Professor of Speech
Diffey, Tony 903-434-8127 Security Security Officer
Dorantes, Jessica 903-434-8382 Student Services Administrative Assistant/Student Services Support
Downs, Kadi Athletics Assistant Softball Coach
Eckstrom, Keziah 903-434-8271 Library Services Library Assistant
Eddy, Sheila 903-434-8264 Advising, Registrar, Special Populations Associate Director of Academic Advising
Ellermann, Mark 903-434-8297 Physics Instructor of Physics
Elmore, Timothy 903-434-8370 Nursing, Certified Nurse Aide, Patient Care Technology Interim CNA/PCT Vocational Nursing Instructor
Esslinger, Tatiana 903-572-8096 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator- Chapel Hill
Evan, Jonathan Athletics Head Men's Soccer Coach
Farmer, Kaymon 903-434-8265 Student Life Director of Student Development & Inclusion
Featherston, Donnie 903-434-8105 Institutional Effectiveness & Research Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Innovation
Fernandez, Briceida 903-575-2040 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Flemming, Tamara 903-884-2404 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Flores, Juliana Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Flores, Paula 903-434-8149 Advising College Navigator
Forest, Linda 903-434-8192 Financial Aid, Student Success, Title V Financial Literacy Coach
Franks, Carolyn 903-434-8182 Whatley Center, Advancement Director of the Whatley Center for the Performing Arts
Frost, Kevin 903-434-8384 Industrial Technology Professor of Industrial Technology
Fuentes, Fatima 903-434-8111 Student Services Student Services Specialist
Fulgham, Dr. Melissa 903-434-8253 History, Social Sciences, Honors Program Professor of History, Division Chair for Social Sciences
Gamblin, Ashlynn 903-434-8227 Advancement Resource Development Specialist
Garcia, Joseph Plant Services Maintenance Technician
Gardner, Rebecca 903-434-8314 Funeral Services Program Associate Professor & Director of Funeral Services
Gomez, Maria 903-434-8341 Adult Education Adult Education Program Assistant
Gonzalez, Maria 903-434-8116 Advancement Administrative Assistant to Advancement/Developmental Offices
Gooding, Betsy 903-434-8139 Registrar Registrar
Graniel, Tonita Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Great Western Dining Food Service 903-434-8200 Administrative Services Food Service
Gurley-Burr, Doris Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Hall, Clifton Plant Services Maintenance Technician
Hall, Mileah 903-434-8172 Instruction Assistant Professor of Art
Hammonds, Cindy 903-434-8161 College Store Copy Center Manager
Hampton, Justin 903-434-8274 Athletics Head Rodeo Coach
Hargrove, Justin 903-434-8285 Athletics Director of Human Performance/Assistant Athletic Director
Harmon, Nikki 903-885-3772 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Harvey-Peace, Alicia 903-434-8153 College Store College Store Specialist
Harwell, Linsey 903-434-8129 Business & Technology, Instruction Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Harwood, Jenni 903-645-3501 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Hastings, Iliana 903-300-3974 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Hayes, Athena 903-434-8202 Title V Title V Grant Director
Heary, James Plant Services Maintenance Technician
Henry, Chad 903-434-8177 Agriculture Professor of Agriculture
Henry, Melody 903-434-8148 Outreach Services, Communities In Schools, Upward Bound Associate Dean of Outreach Services / CIS Executive Director / Upward Bound Director
Hernandez, Maria 903-575-2020 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Hindman, Lori 903-434-8237 SBDC Administrative Assistant SBDC
Holdridge, Elaine 903-434-8247 College Store College Store Assistant
Horton, Mackenzie 903-434-8212 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator at Sulphur Springs
Hughes, Heather 903-434-8215 Communities In Schools, Outreach Services CIS Program Director
Hunt, Charla 903-434-8126 Instruction Administrative Assistant to the Associate VP for Instruction
Ingram, Anna 903-434-8366 Instruction Associate Vice President for Instruction
Ingram, Anthony 903-434-8278 Enterprise Systems Senior Online Services Developer/Enterprise Systems Support Analyst
Irvin, Kim 903-434-8133 Student Services, Financial Aid, Student Services Associate Vice President for Student Services
Irwin-Morrison, Dr. Tanya 903-434-8289 Medical Assistant Professor & Director of Medical Assistant Program
Jackson, Nick 903-434-8130 Enterprise Systems Online Services Developer/Enterprise Systems Support Analyst
Jarvis, Cynthia 903-434-8221 Upward Bound Associate Director of Upward Bound
Jessee, Donna 903-632-0878 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Johnston, Dr. Elizabeth (Jackie) 903-434-8305 Mathematics Professor of Mathematics
Juarez, Andrea 903-434-8146 Student Services, Financial Aid Financial Aid Coordinator
Keith, Amber 903-434-8237 SBDC SBDC Business Advisor
Kelly, Jamille 903-434-8272 Testing Testing Center Coordinator
Kerley, Linda 903-434-8136 Administrative Services, Business Office Administrative Assistant to VP for Administrative Services
Key, Micheal 903-434-8112 Student Services, Financial Aid, Veterans Affairs Financial Aid/Veteran's Specialist
Knight, Sally 903-434-8252 Adult Education Adult Ed TEAMS Education Coordinator
Knox, Alanta 903-434-8291 Biology Associate Professor of Biology
Lampert, Dr. Matthew 903-434-8201 Philosophy Professor of Philosophy
Lawson, Angie 903-434-8205 Student Services, Veterans Affairs Administrative Assistant to the Senior VP of Student Success
Lewis, LaShandra 903-434-8273 Testing Testing Center Specialist
Lindsay, Connie 903-434-8324 Health Sciences Division Director of NTCC Simulation Center
Luellen, Ron 903-434-8159 Automotive Repair, Automotive Technology Professor & Director of Shelby Automotive Program
Martinez, Rebekah 903-885-8466 x5551 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
May, Mason 903-434-8246 Advancement Work4College Program Director/Alumni Relations
May, Nita 903-434-8113 Advancement Director of Development
McAllister, Chris 903-434-8286 Biology Professor of Biology
McCracken, Rene 903-434-8267 Agriculture Professor & Director of Agriculture
McCullough, Dr. Jonathan 903-434-8115 Advancement Executive Vice President for Advancement
McGregor, James 903-434-8236 History Professor of History
McWhorter, Dr. Will 903-434-8223 Computer Science Professor of Computer Science
Mikel, Emily Nursing CNA Instructor
Mikel, Emily 903-434-8369 Nursing, Health Sciences Division CNA/PCT Vocational Nursing Instructor
Miller, Katy 903-434-8173 Plant Services Secretary to Plant Services
Miller, Macee 903-434-8117 Business Office Accounts Payable/Purchasing Specialist
Minter, Ja'Quacy 903-434-8191 Advising College Navigator
Mize, Cora Housing Secretary for Athletics/Housing
Mohr, Diane 903-434-8155 College Store Assistant Director of College Store
Moody, Deanna 903-434-8358 Physical Therapist Assistant Professor of Physical Therapist Assistant Program
Morgan, Andy 903-434-8166 Athletics Athletic Director / Head Baseball Coach
Moss, Jason 903-434-8758 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Munoz, Courtney 903-575-2020 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Murphy, Dr. Drew 903-434-8214 Chemistry Professor of Chemistry
Neal, Jared 903-434-8261 Computer Services Network Administrator
Nelson, Anthony 903-434-8333 Culinary Arts Director of Culinary Arts
Nieves, Crystal 903-434-8195 Career and Transfer Center High School Transition Coordinator
Obregon, Asenet 903-434-8194 Career and Transfer Center High School Transition Coach
Olvera, Lauren 903-885-7741 x3341 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator at Sulphur Springs
Pack, Jodi 903-434-8114 Marketing & Public Relations, Advancement Director of Marketing & Public Information
Pemberton, Mary 903-434-8270 Student Success, Title V Title V Instructional Designer
Perez, Jennifer 903-434-8238 Title V Learning Management System Support
Petrucka, Page 903-434-8395 Theatre, Instruction Professor of Theatre
Pilkington, Kenzie 903-434-8134 Continuing Education & Corporate Training Administrative Assistant of Continuing Education and Corporate Training
Pitts, Karen 903-434-8363 Medical Assistant Instructor of Medical Assisting
Pitts, Shane 903-434-8268 Marketing & Public Relations, Advancement Webmaster
Posey, Necah 903-434-8334 Cosmetology Instructor of Cosmetology
Precise, Jack 903-434-8127 Security Security Officer
Presley, Dr. Lesa 903-434-8298 Biology Professor of Biology, Division Chair for Biology & Chemistry
Ramirez, Abraham 903-434-8160 Advising College Navigator
Ramler, Tom 903-434-8175 Plant Services Director of Plant Services
Ramsay, Diane 903-575-2110 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Ratliff, Julie 903-434-8230 English Professor of English, Coordinator of Developmental English
Reagan, Dr. Leah 903-434-8290 Mathematics Professor of Mathematics
Reeves, Chef Charles 903-434-8333 Culinary Arts Associate Professor of Culinary Arts Program
Reider, Cindy 903-434-8303 Nursing Instructor of Nursing
Richardson-Jones, Maggie 903-427-3891 x2219 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Richey, Dr. Doug 903-434-8283 Mathematics Professor of Mathematics
Ridenour, Christie 903-575-2050 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator at Corprew
Robles, Erin 903-434-8208 Cosmetology Instructor of Cosmetology
Rodriguez, JoAnn 903-434-8292 Instruction Secretary to Math & Science
Rodriguez, Rocio 903-434-8207 Workforce Administrative Assistant to Workforce Faculty
Rose, Dr. Kevin 903-434-8186 Student Services Senior Vice President for Student Success
Ruiz, Andres Industrial Technology Industrial Technology Teaching Assistant
Russell, Macy 903-434-8141 Human Resources Coordinator of Employee Resources
Sanchez, Sergio 903-434-8178 Welding Professor of Welding
Sarratt, Jerene 903-434-8143 Student Services, Financial Aid Student Support Specialist
Schlee, Kathryn Business Administration Morris County Collaborative Office Manager
Schmidt, Benjamin 903-434-8337 Funeral Services Program Assistant Professor of Funeral Services
Scott, Olga 903-434-8313 Funeral Services Program Program & Student Coordinator of Funeral Service Education
Seabourne, Dr. Tom 903-434-8170 Personal Trainer, Health & Physical Education Professor of Health & Physical Education
Shaw, Amanda 903-434-8361 Nursing, Health Sciences Division Assistant Professor of Nursing
Shaw, Heather 903-434-8152 Library Services Librarian
Shipp, Cris 903-434-8284 Health Sciences Division Instructor of Nursing
Short, Gary 903-434-8320 Health Sciences Division, Instruction Instructor of EMS
Shurtleff, Carmen 903-434-8307 Sociology, Social Work Assistant Professor of Sociology & Social Work
Shurtz, Abby 903-434-8316 Funeral Services Program Funeral Service Education Clinical Instructor
Sills, Dana 903-885-4942 x1213 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Skaar, Dr. Karyn 903-434-8293 Psychology, Honors Program Professor of Psychology
Slider, Carol 903-434-8277 Nursing, Health Sciences Division Associate Professor of Nursing
Smith, Amanda 903-434-8254 English & Journalism, English Professor of English & Journalism, Division Chair for Communications
Smith, Jimmy 903-434-8330 Continuing Education & Corporate Training Director of Continuing Education and Corporate Training
Smith, Jimmy 903-434-8330 Continuing Education & Corporate Training Director of Continuing Education and Corporate Training
Smith, Rhonda 903-434-8119 Business Office Lead Staff Accountant
Smith, Tommie 903-645-2901 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Sokol, Chantel 903-434-8352 Medical Lab Technology Assistant Professor of Medical Lab Technology/Clinical Coordinator
Sparks, Jennifer 903-434-8138 English English Faculty
Spataro, Lauren 903-434-6170 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator- Sulphur Springs
Stanford, Naomi 903-434-8154 College Store Director of College Store
Stansell, Cindy 903-434-8304 Student Services Director of Counseling Services
Stobnicki, Sabrina 903-577-1146 x102 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Storck, Leann 903-434-8243 Business Office Senior Accountant
Strawbridge, Zachary 903-434-8156 Automotive Technology Instructor of Automotive Technology
Stroh, Austin 903-4334-8245 Information Technology Systems Administrator
Sumrow, Jennifer 903-434-8257 Dual Credit Director of Dual Credit
Svirska-Otero, Maryna 903-434-8258 Languages Spanish Professor
Taylor, Russell 903-434-8127 Security Security Coordinator
Thomas, Billi Jo 903-434-8222 Communities In Schools CIS Director
Thomas, Fredia 903-434-8234 Adult Education Director of Adult Education
Thompson, Bree 903-434-8124 Health Sciences Division Health Sciences Administrative Assistant
Timmons, Dr. Karen 903-434-8372 Nursing, Health Sciences Division Director of Nursing/Professor of Nursing
Tomlin, Christon (Rene) 903-434-8350 Health Sciences Division Health Sciences Student Advisor
Torres, Edgar Athletics Head Assistant Men & Women Soccer Coach/ Assistant Housing Director
Torres, Lupe 903-434-8183 Registrar Academic Advisor/Registrar
Torres, Mayra 903-434-8796 Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Trantham, Ashley Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Urdaneta, Dr. Marta 903-434-8367 Health Sciences Division Dean of Health Science
VanBibber, Russell 903-434-8269 Emergency Medical Services Instructor of EMS/Interim Program Director for EMS
Vandiver, Carol 903-434-8340 Adult Education Adult Education Instructional Coordinator
Villanueva, Juanita Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Walker, Nicole 903-434-8287 Nurse Science, Nursing, Emergency Medical Services, Health Sciences Division Secretary to Dean of Allied Health
Walker, Penny 903-434-8393 Hanson Sewell Secretary
Watson, Lori 903-434-8218 Advising College Navigator
Watson, Lynda 903-434-8145 Industrial Technology Career Services Coordinator
White, Cortney Communities In Schools CIS Coordinator
Whiting, Samuel Security Security Officer
Whitworth, Anthony (Tony) 903-434-8180 Automotive Repair, Automotive Technology, Auto Body Repair Instructor of Carroll Shelby Automotive Program
Williams, Shemetric 903-434-8102 President's Office Executive Assistant to the President
Wilson, Dr. Nancy 903-434-8323 Physical Therapist Assistant Professor & Director of Physical Therapist Assistant Program