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Kune Kune Piglets

Northeast Texas Community College Sustainable Market Farm is currently offering Kune Kune Feeder Piglets for sale. Feeder Piglets are not registered. The offering is for 15 feeder piglets (6 female/9 male). Piglets DOB is 5/23/23. Weights of Feeder Piglets range from 32 lbs. to 85 lbs. as of 11/7/23.

Price per piglet is $150 for your choice of piglet until December 1, 2023. Piglets can be purchased at NTCC Sustainable Market Farm. Please call Rene’ McCracken 903-434-8267 or email at


Registered Angus Bulls

  • Northeast Texas Community College Agriculture Department is offering Registered Angus Bulls for sale. The cattle may be viewed at the College Farm. Call (903) 960-0121 to schedule an appointment for viewing cattle.

    Minimum price per animal is $1500.00


NTCC Meat Goat CrossSpanish/Kiko/Fainting Goat

  • Hardy and easy keepers. Great to clear weeds and brush, good mothers, and great to finish for meat. Parasite resistant and ready to add to your small farm. Multiple colors to purchase.

    Total Goats to offer for sale:
    12 goat kids (averaging 25-50 lbs)
    1 cull nanny(Sophie) has bad udder and is also raised on the farm.
    $150 each for choice.


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