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The Certified Nurse Aide at Northeast Texas Community College is course series designed to prepare students to take the state certification test with NACES. This 100 hour course prepares entry level nursing assistants to achieve a level of knowledge, skills, and abilities essential to provide basic care to residents of long-term care facilities. The course consists of 60 hours of class with 40 hours of clinical experience at a local Nursing facility. Certified Nurse Aides handle the day-to-day care of a patient in a hospital, assisted-living and long term care facility.

A certified nursing assistant's top priority is to support the physical and emotional daily-care needs of a patient. CNA's work under the supervision of nursing and medical staff. While much of the work-bathing, dressing, feeding, and recording vital signs aren't as glamorous as some other positions, CNA's often have the most patient contact; therefore, it is the position that often makes the greatest impact. Home health aides have a particularly important role in patients' lives, as they provide care for elderly, disabled, or convalescent persons in their own homes.

Location: UHS Main Campus

Price: $646 (price does not include book, exam or scrubs)

Time: M-Thur 5:30-9:30

Contact person: Erin Davis 903-434-8134

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