The Application for Summer 2024 is OPEN! 

Deadline to Apply is April 12th, 2024.



The NTCC Work4College (W4C) Program is a program that allows students the opportunity to EARN their degree at NTCC.

The PURPOSE of the NTCC Work4College Program is to help students earn their degree with two goals in mind:

  1.     To give every student the opportunity to attend college without acquiring debt.
  2.     To provide a hands-on learning experience in a meaningful work area allowing students to earn while they learn.  

The MISSION of the NTCC Work4College Program is to instill each student with qualities they will rely on for the rest of their lives while also helping them to earn a debt free education.  Those positive attributes include a strong work ethic, time management, fiscal responsibility, interpersonal skills, and knowledge of other things expected of them in the workplace.  These are all a part of the student’s learning experience in the NTCC Work4College Program.

Our VISION is to provide up to 100 meaningful jobs on our campus and an additional 100 Work4College opportunities in our community.  And, to also help others replicate the program across the state of Texas and beyond.  In addition, we envision the Work4College Program moving from a summer only program to a year-long work experience.

This past summer, 92 students participated in the program for ten weeks during the two NTCC summer sessions. We launched the pilot program in 2014 with 15 students all working on our college farm. Now, the program has expanded to include up to 20 different learning areas all over campus where each student can work up to 15 hours per week. In the summer of 2019, we piloted the program at a local school district providing their students with an opportunity to work at the school they attend. Now, we have moved in to four local school districts with the hope of expanding to even more! 

Whether you are wanting to know more about how you can sponsor a student, or you are a student wanting to apply to the program, please feel free to contact Mason May by email or by phone (903) 434-8246. Also, check us out on facebook at

For More Information Contact

Mason May