NTCC art presents virtual art show

art show

The challenges of COVID-19 prohibited the art department from exhibiting our annual Spring 2020 Student Art Show in the Whatley Center foyer, so the art department instructors created an online version. We hope you enjoy it and share it with friends and family.

Click Here to View the 2020 Virtual Art Show 

3-D Design II & Ceramics I – judged by Amanda Clements, Professor of Art, Kilgore College

1st –Kachina Swafford - “Avian Masks” stained masks
2nd – Jessica De Jesus – “Circular Accents” coil vase
3rd – Mindie Rhyne – “Pineapple Trinket Box” bisque box
HM – Mercedes Collins – “Creeping Cerulean” coil vase
HM – Kachina Swafford – “The Queen” stained chess piece
HM – Catarina Wylie – “Bowl of Ideas” bisque bowl
HM – Catarina Wylie – “Field Guards” stained tile
HM – Elisabeth Samel – “Jade Vase” coil vase with handle

2-D Digital Art (Adobe Photoshop) – judged by Kevin Halverson, digital artist, Michigan

1st – Scott Snyder, Tristan Zuniga, Jonathan Brockman – Multiple Me group project
2nd – Elisabeth Samel – Instinct magazine cover
3rd – Deidra Camp – Dude


2-D Photography – judged by Marsha Lane Foster, fine art photographer, Rogers, Arkansas

1st – James Blevins – “Pandemic Loneliness”
2nd – James Blevins – “Bronze Tray”
3rd – Serenity Mitchell – “Spider Web in the Sunlight”
HM – James Blevins – “Evil Text”
HM – Serenity Mitchell – “Large Rain Droplets on a Canna Lily”
HM – Serenity Mitchell – “Textures in Nature (Blades of Grass)”
HM – Serenity Mitchell – “Textures in Nature (Red Rose)”
HM – Chandler Sprouse – “Spine”


2-D Drawing – judged by Mileah Hall, artist and teacher, New Diana, Texas

1st – Kachina Swafford – “Freshly Picked” Prismacolor
2nd – Stacy Brown - “The Intellect” Prismacolor
3rd – Chandler Gillespie - “Sweet Dreams” graphite
HM – Ariana Wimbley  - “Vines” Prismacolor
HM – Chandler Gillespie - “Stacked and Numbered” Prismacolor
HM – Sierra Mitchell - “Afraid of the Dark” graphite
HM – Stacy Brown - “Perhaps” graphite
HM – Kachina Swafford - “The Walk-In Closet” graphite