Surf into summer, sign up for classes!

surfin into summer graphic

The spring semester is more than halfway finished and summer will be here before you know it. That's why it's important that you "Surf Into Summer" by signing up for your summer and fall classes! Students can register for Summer and Fall 2024 starting April 8th. Current students can self-enroll online at or schedule a time that is convenient to meet with your College Navigator if you need extra help with you schedule. Here are the top five reasons to register early:

  1. Get the classes you need: Some courses may only offer one section and it's important to sign up early to make sure you get a seat. 
  2. Learn with your preferred professors: Popular classes can fill up quickly, so make sure to sign up early if you have a particular instructor you'd like to learn with. 
  3. Get your favorite format: Prefer face-to-face classes rather than online? Signing up early will give you the most options to choose from. 
  4. Longer to pay: When you sign up early it gives you plenty of time to set up a payment plan or work with financial aid to cover your balance. 
  5. Less stress: Offices get super busy in the weeks leading up to the fall semester. Register early and you can surf into summer knowing that your schedule is set and you are ready to go!

Stop by the Student Services Center today or visit to learn more about how to meet with your College Navigator.