NTCC'S Summer Success Program

Live On Campus Free This Summer

NTCC's Summer Success Program

A College Transition Program for Graduating High School Seniors

The Application for Summer 2024 is OPEN!


What is the Summer Success Program?

This is a program designed for students who are transitioning from high school to college. Eligible students who enroll in six hours (two classes) during the first summer session will be awarded a scholarship to live on campus for FREE! This includes a meal plan that will provide lunch only. All students will meet with their High School Transition Coach, who will help make the transition from being a high school student to becoming a college student a seamless process.

Who can participate in the program?

Any student who will graduate high school in the spring of 2024 is invited to join the Summer Success Program at NTCC! This is a great opportunity for new grads to get a jump start on college and make new friends!

All participants must be at least 18 years old (or 17 with parental permission)

What is the cost of the program?

Eligible students will receive a scholarship to cover the cost of summer housing and a meal plan that provides lunch only. You will be responsible for tuition, fees, books & your own breakfast and dinner.

Financial aid is available for the summer! Make sure to complete the 2023-2024 FAFSA application. This can help pay for your tuition, fees, and books depending on your financial aid award.

Why would I want to join the Summer Success Program?

Transitioning from high school to college can be a very stressful experience, especially if you are going to live away from home. This program will help make that transition an easy process and you will learn how to be a successful student. Participants will enroll in a course that includes learning life-skills associated topics involving, but not limited to the following: Orientation, gratitude, letter writing, team building, career assessment, resume building, civics, manners, ethics and morals, financial literacy, college success, etc. In addition, you get to experience living on campus for FREE and the classes you take this summer will help you to get ahead. With the rising costs of a four-year degree, every class you can take in advance at NTCC will save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

What do I do to apply and receive the Summer Success Program Scholarship?

  • Submit a New First Time in College Admissions application.
  • Once you have been accepted fill out the summer success application form.
  • You will then need to complete the Admissions 7 Steps to Success
  • You MUST be enrolled in six hours (two classes) for the summer 1 term.
  • You MUST fill out FAFSA. Many high school students who fill out FAFSA, and qualify, can begin receiving federal grants funding (FAFSA/TASFA) as early as the summer after high school graduation. This federal aid could help you pay for your summer classes.
  • Please Note: Most high school seniors have completed the 2024-2025 FAFSA. However, to qualify for summer funds, you will also need to complete the 2023-2024 FAFSA.
  • You must have reliable transportation.


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