MA, PTA programs collaborate for mock evacuation

MA and PTA students

The Northeast Texas Community College Medical Assistant Program (MA) recently collaborated with the Physical Therapist Assistant Program (PTA) in a mock evacuation of a physician office due to a chemical spill. They are pictured as a group above. The PTA students assisted in the evacuation efforts and portrayed patients and family members of patients in order to create a real-life scenario. The exercise allowed MA students to actively test their critical thinking skills, administrative and clinical duties in order to facilitate the evacuation in a timely and safe manner. Pictured above, MA student Natalia Ramirez and PTA students actively plan an evacuation strategy for a patient in wheelchair. The collaboration demonstrated to MA and PTA students the importance of active communication between different healthcare professionals during a crisis. To learn more about the MA and PTA Programs at NTCC, visit or The MA program is currently accepting applications for new students.