What Will You Be at NTCC?

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At Northeast Texas Community College, we like to say you can start here and go anywhere - because it's true! Whether you are looking to train for a one-semester certificate to help you get a better job or you have plans to transfer to a university to seek a bachelor's degree (or beyond), NTCC is a great choice for taking the first step. 

Why choose NTCC? Here are just a few reasons...

  • It's Affordable - For most people, paying for college is a big concern. NTCC's tuition rates are about 1/3 of the average state university and most of our students qualify for some kind of financial aid. Don't let money worries keep you from chasing your dream!*
  • Variety of Programs - From workforce training and healthcare fields to traditional university transfer programs, we have something to suit almost any career interest. Click for our full program list
  • Convenience - Worried you can't fit college into your busy schedule? We've got you covered. From fully-online classes and hybrids to evening classes and shorter sessions, you can easily make time for college without giving up your regular life. Click for schedules
  • Quality - We take the quality of our programs very seriously and hire only the very best instructors to lead them. In fact, 74% of our faculty members exceed the qualifications for their position. Many of our professors hold doctoral degrees and you will learn directly from them - not from teaching assistants.* *
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So what will you be at NTCC? The answer is...WHATEVER YOU WANT! 

Ready to take the next step?

Apply online today (it's free) or reach out to our friendly advising staff so they can help you get started.

Contact: 903-434-8190

*Source www.collegeforalltexans.com, **Source: NTCC Key Performance Indicators