Honors students enjoy day at Daingerfield State Park

By: Dr. Andrew Yox, NTCC Honors Director

This year’s COVID restrictions meant that for the first time since 2008, NTCC honors students were not able to travel as a group to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for the annual fall trip.  However, thanks to donors, administrators, and the Daingerfield Park staff, the group was able to travel as individuals to the patio of a local coffee shop, and then to one of the state’s most picturesque parks, Daingerfield on 25 September.  The group played a game of modified soccer, staged other spaced competitions, and took a hike around the lake.  A Bar-B-Q lunch with individually wrapped servings followed, as well as an awards ceremony.

Students in attendance included Carolina Alcocer-Salas, Hannah Barnes, Cade Bennett, James Dickson, Jalyn English, Dorali Hernandez, Isaac Perez, Brian Ramirez, and John Rodriguez.  Dr. Andrew Yox, Honors Director, and Andrea Reyes, PTK-Honors Coordinator, also were on hand to help orchestrate events. 

Brian Ramirez, this year’s film director, won an award as the “fastest honors student.”  Carolina Alcocer-Salas won another award as the best “all-round female athlete.”