Spring 2020 Grading FAQs



NTCC recently announced a modified grading policy for the Spring 2020 semester. Below are some frequently ask questions to help students navigate the process and decide which option is best for them. 


Q: Do I have to complete and submit a Grade Change Request form if I am happy with my spring grades?

A: No, you don’t have to do anything. Please disregard the email that you will receive next week, as it does not apply in your situation.

Q: If I decide I want to change one or more grades to a S-Satisfactory, U-Unsatisfactory, or W-Withdrawal, how will that affect my GPA or my Financial Aid for next semester?

A: S-Satisfactory/U-Unsatisfactory or W-Withdrawal grades will not impact your term or cumulative GPA; however, a U-Unsatisfactory or W-Withdrawal grade will impact your completion percentage for Financial Aid purposes and choosing a U-Unsatisfactory or W-Withdrawal grade does not guarantee that there will be no repercussions regarding future Financial Aid eligibility. Students placed on Financial Aid suspension as a result of U or W grades may be allowed to file an appeal, depending on their previous Financial Aid status.

 Q: Will the W-Withdrawal count toward my 6-Drop rule total?

A: Selecting a W-Withdrawal grade will not count toward the State’s “6-Drop Rule” which says that a student can drop no more than 6 courses within the length of his/her degree. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has given specific guidance regarding the exemption of these W-Withdrawal grades from the rule.

 Q: Will a S-Satisfactory grade transfer to another college or university?

A: Choosing to replace a letter grade of A, B, C, or D with S-Satisfactory will provide credit for the course, but does not guarantee the transferability of a course with a grade of S-Satisfactory to a university or other college. Please check with the institution to which you plan to transfer prior to requesting the grade change.

 Q: If I made a D in my course and want to change it to S-Satisfactory, does that mean I’ve met the grade requirement if I took the course and it is a pre-requisite for another course?

A: If you opt to replace a grade of D with a S-Satisfactory grade, note that this does not allow for a prerequisite or advising requirement to be met where the minimum grade required is a C or better.

Q: What if I change my mind later? Can the S-Satisfactory, U-Unsatisfactory, or W-Withdrawal grade be reversed back to my original letter grade?

A: Please be aware that we will not be able to revert to the original grade on your transcript once you have requested the change and it has been processed. The grade change becomes part of your permanent record and will not be altered at any future time. It’s imperative that you carefully weigh all the possible consequences prior to submitting the form.

 Q: My instructor gave me an I-Incomplete because I wasn’t able to finish all my coursework. Will I still be able to request a grade change, even if the form is no longer available?

A: Students who receive I-Incomplete grades at the end of the term will have two weeks beyond the posting of the final grade to determine if a Grade Change will be requested. The Registrar will contact those students individually once their final grades are posted.