Honors Northeast application deadline approaching

honors students in a group

By: Dr. Andrew Yox, Honors Director

     The application deadline for an optimal scholarship of Honors Northeast for the 2021-2022 school year is 1 March. A student may apply directly through the application portal of the honors website (www.ntcc.edu/honors) or by submitting the application distributed by counselors at local high schools to Andrew Yox, PO Box 1307, NTCC, Mount Pleasant 75456, or by contacting the Honors Director, Dr. Andrew Yox ayox@ntcc.edu (903-434-8229), where one can complete the application through an email scan.

     Since 2010, the scholars of Honors Northeast have won over 50 national awards, including ten exclusive Jack-Kent-Cooke-foundation, full-ride $120,000 transfers.  Honors Northeast scholarships have helped make the costs of matriculation at NTCC negligible, helping students to focus on academic and scholarly success.  Some privately financed scholarships for honors students at NTCC, such as the Texas Heritage National Bank Scholarship, the James and Elizabeth Whatley Scholarship, and the Gladys Winkle Scholarship, are especially lucrative.

     Top-ten-percent high school seniors, exemplary homeschool students, and ‘A’ students still lacking an extensive curricular buildup at NTCC are especially encouraged to apply.  The Honors Committee of Northeast Texas Community College determines the scholarship levels of the applicants, and who is admitted.

     The program has a unique culture of accolades and scholarship. Its yearly feature-length film series, often featuring personalities from the history of Northeast Texas, have won three State of Texas Caldwell Awards, besting university-group entries.  Over twenty-five NTCC scholars have published essays in state or regional journals, compiled while in their freshman year at NTCC since 2010.  For more details, see the honors website at www.ntcc.edu/honors or contact Dr. Andrew Yox at ayox@ntcc.edu.