Outstanding Students in Psychology named

outstanding psychology students with certificates

Every semester full-time and associate faculty in NTCC’s Division of Humanities and Social Sciences can select an outstanding student, who is exceptional in some way. This past year Dr. Karyn Skaar made an unprecedented decision, choosing to nominate an entire class - PSYC 2319 Social Psychology, a sophomore level advanced psychology class. 

Dr. Skaar commented, “In Social Psychology, students are responsible for learning, understanding and presenting the learning objectives of each chapter to the rest of the class. It is unusual for every student to be prepared every presentation. It was evident that all students not only worked hard on their own presentations, but also encouraged and assisted each other by asking pertinent questions, offering thoughtful comments, and providing real world examples for textbook concepts. These students were comprised of online only, dual-credit, Honors, and traditional face-to face students.  I want to thank Austin, Katelyn, Jackelyn, James, Luis, Lesly, Jemma, Kinsley, and Corinne for bringing and sharing their positive energy.”

The students were excited and pleased by the recognition. Jemma Weatherford said, “I was surprised to receive an award, but excited that we all did. This class has always felt very warm and welcoming, and I'm glad we all get to share in this achievement!”

Corinne Wood noted, “It is an absolute honor and privilege to share this award with such brilliant and thoughtful individuals. My classmates and Dr. Skaar have made my last semester at NTCC one of the best!”

Austin Allen stated, “I’m glad that Dr. Skaar was just as happy with our class as I was with her teaching! Thank you for an amazing semester!” 

Social Psychology is taught every spring.  Students in this semester’s award-winning class are Austin Allen, Katelyn Lester, Jackelyn Ramirez Puente, James Randolph, Luis Verduzco, Lesly Villeda Olmos, Jemma Weatherford, Kinsley Wilson, and Corinne Wood.