Whatley Employee Enhancement Grant winners named

The NTCC Foundation is happy to announce that nine NTCC employees have been awarded funds through the 2020-2021 Whatley Employee Enhancement Grant. The Foundation received 15 outstanding applications.  Six were funded by the grant and three received private donations.  The total for all funded projects was $11,500.  The Whatley Employee Enhancement Grant was established by James & Elizabeth Whatley specifically to fund special projects and enhance educational opportunities that fall outside the institution’s regular budget. Each year, NTCC full-time employees may apply for the approximately $8,500 available. Projects are reviewed and selected by the volunteer members of the Whatley Employee Enhancement Committee.

This year’s winners include: 

·         Laura Lambert, Communities in Schools – Capped@NTCC - $2,550

·         Adrian Hashaway, Plant Services – Basic Water Works Course - $350

·         Billi Thomas, Communities in Schools – Hanna4Hope - $3,007

·         Linda Forest, Financial Literacy – Incentive Projects - $1,000

·         Paula Wilhite, Mathematics & Physics – Critical Resources for Remote Communication - $1,093

·         Heidi Wooten, Economics and Honors – Annual Northeast Texas Poetry Contest - $1,000 (Private Funds)

·         Tom Ramler, Plant Services – Workamper - $500

·         Melissa Fulgham, History – Annual McGraw Hill Poster Contest - $1,000 (Private Funds)

·         Andrew Yox, Honors – Man of Steel: Filming the Story of Carroll Shelby - $1,000 (Private Funds)