CARE Center offers online community resources guide

food pantry shelves

The NTCC CARE Center makes every effort to assist students in achieving their goals. Basic needs instability, or a lack of access to these basics, has a severe impact on students' health and capacity to continue and complete education. Supporting college students' basic needs can help alleviate these challenges. The last few months CARE Center staff has been working on creating an online up-to-date resource catalogue so that students can access the information to any local resources they may need, this includes financial assistance, counseling, food, and shelter from any location, at any needed time. The CARE Center is thrilled to be able to provide our campus community with an online up-to-date local tri-county resources catalogue. They will continue to add resources and make sure the guide stays up to date and current.

Click here to view our resource guide

CARE Advocates are available this summer to assist students. The office will be open Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm and Wednesday 9:00 am- 6:00 pm. Students can also schedule a virtual appointment by emailing or reach out via teams if assistance is needed outside of office hours.  Want to keep up with CARE Center events and announcements follow us on: 

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