CARE Center shares suicide prevention hotline update

suicide hotline 988

Are you or someone you Know struggling with a mental health crisis? 

The new 988 hotline seeks to serve as a free, private crisis line and suicide prevention hotline for those going through any kind of mental suffering. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline's previous 1-800 number had eleven digits. By switching to a three-digit code, it is hoped that persons seeking help for mental health emergency will do so on a regular basis and without stigma. Calling 988 may become automatic when a mental health emergency arises, much as dialing 911 when you smell smoke. You can get immediate assistance by calling, texting, or chatting online.

NTCC students who are struggling with mental health, food insecurity or other needs should visit NTCCs CARE Center in the Instructional Annex building (IA). Their mission is to help alleviate basic need insecurities within the college community by providing students with basic need resources through access to education, healthy food, advocacy and empowerment. To learn more visit