Update emergency contact info in myEagle Portal

Your safety is very important to all of us here at NTCC. In the event of an emergency on campus – from dangerous weather to an active threat situation – we will use the NTCC Eagle Alert system to notify students, faculty and staff of what is happening as soon as possible.  However, in order to receive these important messages, you must provide up-to-date, accurate contact information. We have made it simple for students, faculty and staff to verify your emergency contact number (preferably cell phone) when you log in to the myEagle Portal. After you log in, you should see a highlighted box (as pictured below) asking you to verify your information. Click the link to view the number we currently have on file.               If your number has changed, please provide your new number. If the number in the box is correct, please just click "I confirm this phone number."            

If you have already confirmed your contact information in the portal, you will no longer see the notice when you log in, though it may reappear periodically to remind you to keep your information up-to-date.